Web hosting Chinese cheat sheet and Domain Name

In recent years, the importance of web hosting server location to help your site to rank in the search engines is down a fair bit. algorithms search the Internet and to adapt the website to be, ranking factors more agnostic location as ccTLDs, exchange of relevant content, location share, local trading have begun to play a more important role in the way a search engine to decide where your site will appear especially

But when it comes to giving the impression of a Chinese audience in China, there are several factors to consider, with a location server web hosting is still one of the most important considerations.


Chinese site SEO

One of the questions I get asked most often associated with online marketing for China is ‘Does it matter where my site is hosted if I want to point to a Chinese audience?’

The short answer is yes. It’s a lot of things.

Chinese web hosting and The Great Firewall of China

For companies and websites that want to reach a Chinese audience in mainland China, more choice to host the Chinese mainland. The reason for this is not so much a geographical targeting – as is the case in most Western countries – but it’s more about control.

As I’m sure you know, China is very strict when it comes to government rules, regulations and censorship. There is very little information in or out with government approval, supervision and monitoring – especially when it comes to Internet.

“The reason that China welcomes more or less on the geographical orientation for the benefit of the search, and in meeting the demands and requirements of government regulations”

The Chinese government prefers to keep very shortsighted information; control flow and the issues that are being made available to people. Opening the gateway to online information that everyone is publishing will make it very difficult to control information entered in the country.

But when a server in China – through an approved accommodation provider China, using Chinese ISP approved (all government run) to control the content of this makes it much more manageable.

This is the main reason that Google is more or less redundant in the Chinese search engine. Most of the information used to find through a Google search simply does not exist for Chinese Internet users. The same is true for almost all major social networking platforms in the Western world (with the exception of LinkedIn). The Chinese government likes to have complete transparency of what people see and say online.

“So what happens if a site on the mainland began to publish things that the Chinese government does not like?”

When this occurs, and detecting the government, usually the site is in the black list – which means that basically eliminated China’s Internet. Think of your most determined a sentence of Google has been wounded – go nuclear.

Once you have registered black, almost impossible to be removed. In fact, it is more than ‘who you know’ the situation of “the process of what you know ‘to get restored.

This is another example of why it is in the approval, China hosted server is very important to your success online in China.

“What if I can not get my site is hosted in mainland China?”

The good news is that you can stay outside of mainland China and can still be found, but it is very risky.

So serious is government censorship of the web we find a case in which the site has been banned on the same server with sites that are considered questionable. These sites have no relation to the original forbidden content, but guilt by association just be in the same box that banned the site.

“We have seen examples of pure black sites are on the same shared server forbidden content, although the site is something else completely unrelated”

Another drawback of an external housing is speed. Sites outside of mainland China tend to be less sensitive than the site is hosted in China. This not only affects the ability to use, but like Google and Bing Baidu also affect classification algorithms (although this does not seem to be the case for the algorithm Qihoo 360 so far).

If you can actually host your website in China dedicated server, there are some best practices I suggest you continue to give your site the best chance in visibility:

  1. Prevent publication of content that is preferred or banned in China on its website, in particular the political commentary, gambling and pornographic content.
  2. Do not use the functionality of the western seaboard – EG: Google Maps, YouTube videos, Facebook or Disqus commenting platform etc.
  3. Limit or completely eliminate the use of an external source that points to a social function. EG: Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter
  4. Outer limit that connects to other sites that are not Chinese – especially for sites with the prohibition or content that may be objectionable
  5. Avoid shared hosting – if someone with the same IP address with your site is blocked, then your website will be blocked. Using a dedicated server or VPS with a single IP.

If you publish, make sure it is an approved topic. The best way to ensure this happens is to check the web site overlooking China or have not addressed the same subject. If they talk about it, then it’s probably okay.
There are also some tools out there that will allow you to see what your site looks like in mainland China from the point of view of visibility.

Running your site through greatfirewallofchina.org and viewdns.info to get an idea of ??how it looks to a Chinese audience. While this does not provide a completely accurate representation of visibility, it is a good starting point.

“Daylan Wait a second. I have checked my sites rank Baidu and I was fine.”

Here’s the thing with Baidu (and Qihoo 360) – yes, it’s a Chinese search engine focused and results are classified with other Chinese results, but as in the case of engines western search, these results led-Geo. We look at the non-governmental examined the results because the data does not need to be displayed on the other side of the firewall.

Basically, what you see and what users see in China are two different things.

Getting .cn domain

Similar to how the job search site based in the Western world, the TLD country code (ccTLD) is still a very useful element in the ranking with China way. In China, a country-specific domain is most often represented as websitename.cn.

Make sure you have a .cn domain will go a long way to rank well organically in mainland China.

“Great! So if I get a little hosting China and pay $ 22 for a .cn domain, then I could start to dominate in China?”

Sparky not so fast.

As with most things in China, the China ccTLD access also has some restrictions attached to it; some pretty complicated for a lot of the real business.
.cn domain – again – is regulated by a government agency, and get the need to navigate through a lot of paperwork.

First, in order to present your .cn domain must be a Chinese citizen with a company registered in China (and Hong Kong), with at least one employee of the company to try to get a domain that operate from mainland China.

In addition, this entitiy should provide little documentation, including application form .cn domain, a copy of your business license, a copy of the signer identity card and also has a number of valid ICP.

“What is the number of ICP?”

In order to run a website in China for the Chinese public, who are required to submit a request to the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China for ICP license (Internet Content Provider). This request must be approved and the number of ICP displayed on your site – more often you can find this number at the foot of China on the basis of the site’s most-.

“To buy and host China You have to be pre-approved by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology with Chinese license Internet content provider”

If .cn domain request and has a valid number ICP, your domain will be suspended until this amount has been approved and provided.

It is how much China ensure foreign companies can not trigger a large-scale land grab specific Internet domain and China applied for Chinese businesses.
It also provides full transparency to the government in what the web site and put into operation.

ICP number

You can apply for Internet Content Provider license here: www.miibeian.gov.cn

If you are looking to take the online market in China there are hundreds of items to be considered – at the top of the list to ensure adding Hosting in mainland China.

Of course, you may want a global website. One that can meet statewide domain or CMS, but when it comes to China – this is probably not an option.

By playing in the sandbox online in China, you have to play by the house rules – and use the device approved home. If you do, there is a good chance that it will never make friends in the sandbox again.