Various Tools Used By The Designers To Design The T-Shirts

Today, people, especially youngster are hungry for fashion. They always want to look suave and stylish and stand out from the crowd. In fact, few people look for ways to make a fashion statement in their circle. The upsurge in the fashion freaks have made the fashion designers to think out of the box and come up with the latest designs that grab the attention of the fashion enthusiast to purchase and wear it. Today, there are many fashion designing tools available in the market. This is helping the people flooded with creativity to try out their own designs. In fact, there are a few people who are using the technology to design T-shirt gifts for men by taking the client requirement. This is a win-win for both the client and the designers. Basically, the client can get the unique T-shirt piece that is designed for them and the designer can earn a few extra bucks. However, there are various tools available in the market to design the T-shirts. Indeed, fashion creators can make use of these tools to bring the ideas that are in their minds to reality. The designed T-shirts may take the market by storm.

Though, there are umpteen clothing design tools available in the market, but not all can reap the desired outcome. Most importantly, people who are expecting perfection have to use the right tools to bring the T-shirt designs into reality. However, here are a few tools that are extensively used by the T-shirt designers to get remarkable output2. jpg

Adobe Illustrator: Many people use Photoshop to design the prints on T-shirt. However, the drawback of this tool is that, they cannot create vector images. This one pitfall is making designers to switch to adobe illustrator. However, it is the colossal version of Photoshop loaded with umpteen features. The functionality of this tool is chalk and cheese to Photoshop. However, the salient features loaded in this software include pathfinder, art boards, differentiating layers, etc. The best part of this tool is that, you can easily turn text into vector images by keeping the font intact on the T-shirt design. You can get the same image that you have designed on the T-shirt.

CorelDrawer: This tool has a craze since a long time. In fact, it is one of the oldest tools ever, but is worthy. Over time, the developers have added various features to this tool. Though, it is a little convoluted to create the T-shirt designs using this tool, but there are umpteen training videos which make your job easy. In fact, this gives a fierce competition for Adobe Illustrator. But, the worst thing is that, you cannot convert the designs into pdf’s.

Vector Magic: This is an open source tool that is pulling the eyes of the creative designers with its attractive features. This tool allows you to convert low-resolution images into vector illustration with just a few clicks of a mouse. This tool is user-friendly that even amateur designers find it easy to use.