Using the SEO Pyramid for Online Reputation Management

Online reputation management companies have mastered search engine optimization. But why? Well, reputation management companies help businesses promote a positive brand image. One method of gaining positive attention is by achieving high ranking on search engines. Through the use of SEO techniques, online reputation management firms can help their clients rank higher in the results on Google.

The SEO pyramid is fundamental in any online reputation campaign. The SEO pyramid can help online reputation management firms understand where they should focus their efforts. It is broken down into four components and in the shape of a pyramid, giving the components priorities. Simply put, the bottom of the pyramid is the most important, and the top is the least important.

We’ll start from the bottom of the pyramid and work our way up. The base of search engine optimization is the content. Reputation management companies have to create quality content that will please the visitors. They also have to user usemake the website accessible by optimizing it for mobile use and creating an easy-to-navigate design.

Up next is keyword research and targeting. Keyword research and targeting is a big component in the SEO process for online reputation specialists because it is all about understanding how people search for you. When you figure out which keywords to use, you can place them strategically on your website to make it rank higher in search engines.

The second component on the SEO pyramid is link building. This requires having your link on high quality external sources. Your link appearing on a  lot of of credible and reputable websites looks good on search engines.

At the top of the pyramid is the social aspect. This requires engaging on social media networks such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. This is the final step in the SEO pyramid.

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