Unmanned helicopters for various purposes

Drones are the unmanned aircrafts which are used for the fun flights, spying, capturing videos and photos. Drone also known as the multicopters have become ubiquitous now. They are the wonderful devices which operate on the artificial intelligence.

Quadcopter is the unmanned aircraft which has the rotary wings along with the four rotor systems.  It is simply used for the fun or recreational purpose. It cannot be used for the business purpose as it has not been granted license as the aircraft. Dromida Ominus is one of the most popular quadcopters at the present time.

Features of advanced quadcopters


 Features of the advanced quadcopters are as follows:

  • Light weight: The quadcopters like Hubsan X4 is extremely light in weight. There are inbuilt gyroscope, micro chips and powerful engines in the drone which makes it easy to fly due to light weight.
  • Easy to disassemble: Quadcopters are comprised of small components which can be easily disassembled for storage. It enables you to easily carry the drone and keep it safe after use.
  • Stable: Six axes drone control system along with the accelerometer makes the quadcopters more stable.
  • Wi-Fi hotspot: The drone is controlled with the help of powerful remote which sends signal on to the drone which has WI-FI antennas. A WI-FI hotspot is created to generate high frequency network.
  • Full HD camera: the high resolution camera is installed to capture photos in HD prints. You can take aerial photos and videos from the HD camera which is stabilized on the three axes. Thus, it can be used for filming purpose.

 You get the live view of the pictures in real time on your mobile phone which enables you to take the photographs and videos from the various angles. The high powered motors and LEDs are installed in the quadcopters to make it fly in the long range.