Understanding Magento Theme Development Hierarchy

Magento is a powerful or flexible open source e-commerce platform which is widely used all over the world. You may also outsource development of Magento with any proficient as well as quality service provider. You may create various web applications by using its Theme system. We ensure you that this article shall be most useful for both the Magento developers as well as the users. Let’s we explore the information regarding the Magento Theme Development Hierarchy which makes the base of the Magento.

In Magento web development the main role of the base package is to provide hooks for the entire core functionality of Magento. So at this stage, it is needed to care utmost. You may opt to outsource Magento development from talented and experienced Magento developers who may work magic along themes for the site. The core functionality may be changed by the base themes which provide sufficient support for the same that yields into safe or clean code base along with themes of better upgrade path.

Please make ensure yourself that the base is not of the full theme but lacks most of the skin file incorporating CSS, Images etc. So you may call it as a repository for creating functionality for Magento which is founded at the front end. If you need making customizations while Magento web development then there is no need to edit the base package. As per the needs, you may custom themes may be created or developed inside their own design package. The files which need some changes may be copied from the base to the custom package and then edited there or set of local may be built to hold your modes.


As per the needs outsource Magento theme development so that the developer will create the theme which is appropriate to your needs. While rendering themes, the Magento uses full back logic but now this has been expanded. Let’s see its working. If the custom theme calls for a CSS file but it has not been searched out then it continues its working in the hierarchy of themes till it is not found out the searchable file. Fall backs mean that procedure to build design and the application requires a possible source to retrieve the needed files.  If fall back mechanism is used effectively then it allows you to add, edit or manage the files which are needed to customize while all the functionality is offered by the base package.

Coding may be maintained just by introducing the base package 3 times less. For instance – you may employ blank themes just by changing the CSS and may get their whole layout or template files from the base package. By the base package, the core functionality may be made available by the base package and also can be overridden selectively by the base package. Some of its benefits are here as:

  • Reduces the debugging time
  • Great power of customization
  • May create multiple themes
  • Makes workflow uninterrupted