Top 4 Reasons We Developed A White Label SEO Reseller Program

As 2016 is well underway, it’s become increasingly apparent that the white label SEO trend is showing no signs of slowing down.

The existing programs are really growing, and there is no small number of SEO firms looking to develop the own platform.

In fact, a few months ago we were in that camp ourselves. As our pay for performance SEO model is particularly scalable, we decided fairly early on that this was an avenue for growth that we wanted to seriously pursue.


But that wasn’t the only reason we wanted to develop a white label seo reseller program. Let’s take a look at some of the most important and powerful benefits.

  1. There’s a Ton of Demand for These Programs

Supply and demand is a simple concept that we all surely understand at this point. As our affiliates and reseller partners began to inquire about a white label program, our ears immediately perked up.

We pride ourselves on being a partnership oriented company, and we value our partners’ feedback above all else. So when they spoke up, we listened.

After some time at the drawing board, and through some extensive conversations with actual partner companies, we had a plan built and were ready to move forward!

  1. White Label SEO is a win-win-win situation

What the hell is a win-win-win situation you ask? Simple. Instead of just two winners, there are three (all of those involved in fact). This is one of the key reasons we moved ahead with creating our own platform.

The Small Business Wins

The small business that buys SEO wins because they’ll get our unique “if you don’t rank, you don’t pay” guaranteed SEO services. It’s important that every business looking to increase their rankings in Google understand that there are affordable web design services that can make sure their website has great on-page SEO, so when you start building links your website is easier to rank.

This means increased exposure in google and local search results and that of course means more business!

The White Label Partner Wins

The winning doesn’t stop there though. Because the white-label partner themselves get to additionally monetize their customers without significantly adding to their workload.

Since they won’t have to do the heavy lifting themselves, this opens a new revenue stream without requiring additional hiring or skill acquisition.

The SEO Company Wins

Last but not least, the SEO firm that developed the white label SEO reseller program wins as well.

By opening their doors to these partnerships, they expand their ability to reach new customers. Simple but powerful. New customers mean more revenue.

  1. It’s a Great Way to Built Strong Partnerships

As a company, we decided from day one to place a high value on building long-lasting and helpful partnerships with other businesses.

We strongly believe that partnerships are the best way to drive improvement, innovation and business.

Without our partners we wouldn’t have made it as far as we have. And we feel confident our partners feel the same way about us.

In fact, our customers often view us as partners as well. After all, SEO is kind of like a partnership in that we’re working to help improve small business owner’s ability to get their business noticed and generate additional revenue.

  1. It Helps Us Help More Small Businesses

When we first went into business in 2007, our purpose wasn’t simply to “do great SEO”. Our driving goal was to help small businesses.

That’s the passion that got us in this game at the beginning, and it’s the same passion that drives us to constantly improve today.

We’re all entrepreneurial at heart, and our mission is to help those that are brave enough to have taken the leap and started to build their own businesses. Since white label programs help us scale and reach more customers, it was clearly a step we’d want to take in order to make progress towards our overall goals.