The working of premium private proxies

Private proxies are very much in demand today due to the various advantages they offer, main being, and the anonymity that it grants to net users. Today many indulge in online shopping and give away credit card details, etc. Then, there are many sites where you provide your mail ids, phone numbers, location, etc. All these information that you hitherto thought were private, can be accessed by complete strangers in the form of hacking.

Who needs private proxy?

The answer to that question would be – who wouldn’t? Have you noticed that after you browse a shopping site or any site, whenever you browse the net, you find that the items from the shopping site that you went through earlier or the site you visited some time ago, keep following you. This is a type of stalking or spying. In this way, hackers can get quite a lot of information from you. Your credit card details, your private emails, photographs, phone numbers, etc., can be stolen or shared without your knowledge. Since this type of stealing can happen in all computers, anyone who uses net should get a private proxy, be it a homemaker or a professional. It keeps your identity and location discreet so that no one can find you on the web.


Proxies work discreetly

Proxies connect the user and a remote location on the web. Its working can be explained in a simple manner. Say, you are working from your home in New York and you want to connect to say, your office in Seattle. What the proxies do is that they create a connection between your home and your office. It is as if this connection is forged through a tunnel. Whatever your web traffic might be, passes through this tunnel and not outside. That means, whoever are passing by or are located nearby by will not be able to see what is going inside the tunnel. This is how the proxies help.

If you do not have a proxy, you will still be able to connect but the tunnel would be absent which means all your activities are open to everyone close by.

The proxy ensures that the IP address that will be visible is of the proxy server and not yours.

Another advantage of premium private proxies is that it can surpass restrictions. For example, sitting in US, you want to access information about something in India, you can use a India based proxy to get the information that you require.

A disadvantage of proxies is that what every modern technology faces. Even criminals can make use of technology such as proxies so that they hide their location. But there is another side to it. Security researchers who work with the legal system in tracking criminals use proxies. After all, they too want safety from criminals, right? What better way than hide the IP so that their identity and location remains hidden?

Yet, these days, proxies are generally and largely used for online safety.