The smartest way to secure files and documentation and share them with ultimate protection  

SmartSearch is one of the most innovative software systems that have managed to create its own place in the software industry. Widely used by a huge range of industrial sectors and companies, it happens to be an effective way to store, share and secure data that is essential to your company’s worth. Managing paperwork is a laborious task and this is one of the reasons why it is necessary to have a system that can integrate and compile all your  into an organised file that will make it easier for you to manage and control all sorts of information that you need to store.

Reliable and easy management

secure files

To make sure this happens Square9 has come up with the most effective way to manage system files and information and store them in a secured way that will only guarantee you the access to use them and also allow you to give access to those who can confidently and reliably manage important documents. Document automation software id one of the ways you can handle the information. From automatic notifications to document routing and immediate document collaboration, everything can be done with this effective software system to give you the surety of managing files with safety and in an organised structure.

A user friendly system

Effective flow of information within your workplace is necessary to make sure that things are done in time and with efficiency and to allow this entire process to work out smoothly, SmartSearch brings about the document automation software that allows the quickest way of documentation management. From storing to scanning and retrieving information, everything can be done with the help of this. Therefore if you are planning to make an organised system of workflow and information storing and sharing then this is the perfect software for your office business.