The Most Popular Windows Reseller Packages

I recently got into reseller hosting services.  I am new to the hosting industry.  Therefore, I had to learn everything from scratch.  Initially it was a lot of struggle before I could setup my UK windows reseller hosting company.  I screened numerous website hosting companies and their reseller programmes.  I compared a number of hosting reseller programmes and after that, I signed up with this particular company, which I thought was offering me a very good deal.


Even though I was new to the reseller hosting services, I was very clear that I should only go with the best hosting company because there is not much I will be able to do when it comes to the hosting space that I am selling.  Therefore, I had to make sure that I am getting the best product possible so that I can give the best to my customers in turn.  This particular hosting company provided me with very interesting Windows reseller hosting packages and Linux hosting reseller packages.

I was able to get my hosting plans from this company at a very affordable price, which helped me to offer my hosting plans to my customers at a very competitive price.  The hosting industry being a highly competitive one it is not possible to survive unless you are offering your services at the lowest price possible without compromising on the quality of the hosting you are selling.  Therefore, I would say if I am successful today with my reseller hosting services it is mainly because I have managed to find a very good UK Windows Reseller Hosting company to provide me with the best hosting packages for my clients.

This company offered me with white Labelled reseller hosting services, which means I am now able to sell their hosting services in my own brand name.  I am also free to set up my own hosting plans and price them as I like.  Hosting customers are highly discerning today they not only look for the cheapest hosting plans available for their website hosting needs but they are also very keen in getting the best quality possible.  As my hosting reseller company provided me with good quality hosting at a good price I find easy to attract new customers.

When it came to support, they provided me with all the technical support for my customers I just had to take care of the pre sales support and the marketing aspects of my reseller hosting service.  This made it very easy for me to set up my new hosting company, as I did not have to look for a technical support team to provide the customer service to my customers.  The hosting company with which I am signed up now does not set any cap on the maximum amount of money I could make.  I am glad with the way things are moving and I am sure that soon I will become one of the most popular hosting resellers in the UK.