Secrets of Preparing for JEE In Short Amount of Time

Students who are appearing for the JEE examinations can understand what a stressful and exhausting ordeal it can be. It is a well-known fact that in order to fare well in the exams one has to start preparing well in advance. But in some cases students are unable to start preparing in advance due to unforeseen circumstances or personal issues. If you are one of these many students who has not been able to start preparing in advance due to circumstances, you needn’t worry. We have put together some secrets of preparing for JEE in a limited time frame. Just follow these tips religiously and you will be ready to appear for the examinations without any worries.

Follow A Proper And Well Planned Time Table

Having and following a proper time table is absolutely essential and necessary. Without a timetable it will not be able for you to chalk out what subjects and chapters you wish to complete studying and what time frame you plan on completing them. Give more time and focus to subjects and chapters that you are weak in and struggle with. Another thing to keep in mind while preparing a time table is that it has to be prepared in a way that’s practical and can be completed. Don’t set unrealistic daily and weekly goals in your time table. Diligently following your time table will help you prepare for the JEE exams in a short frame of time.

Pay More Attention To Key Concepts

Certain chapters carry more weightage while others carry less weightage. You need to focus on the chapters that carry more weightage in order to score higher marks. Since you have a limited amount of time to study for the examinations, you may not be able to complete studying the books from cover to cover. So pay more attention to the key concepts that carry high weightage.


Practice Papers Of The Previous Years

Practicing previous year’s papers is absolutely essential. Practicing the papers will enable you to understand where you stand in terms of efficiency and time. You will also be able to understand your strengths and weaknesses better and be able to focus on strengthening your weaknesses.

Keep Miles Away From Distractions

Distractions are those evil temptations that will throw you off your schedule. You already are extremely short of time and if you choose to indulge in distractions it will only worsen your situation. Find yourself a quiet place to study, turn your mobile phone and laptop off and just concentrate on the syllabus. The more you get distracted, the more time you will waste and simply worsen your situation and reduce your chances of scoring well. Social networking, hanging out with friends, going to the movies can always be continued after you complete the papers.

Eat Healthy, Stay Fit

Studying for so many hours a day can be exhausting and also sucks up all your energy. To be constantly refreshed and energised while you study you should eat every 3 to 4 hours and ensure you eat healthy snacks. Fruits, nuts, berries, granola bars are highly recommended to boost your energy levels. Also keep yourself well hydrated when you study. Lastly, find an hour’s time in the day to exercise. Exercise helps in revitalising your mind and your body. The energy you get after a good and solid session of cardio will increase your concentration and grasping power. Thus make sure that you keep yourself both physically and mentally fit and healthy while you prepare for the exams.

Get Enough Sleep

We understand that you’re already way behind on your preparations but that does not mean you stay awake all night cramming and preparing. In order to perform well in the exams and prepare well for them, your body needs rest. A well rested body and mind is far more productive and efficient than an exhausted body and mind. So stick to your time table but make sure your time table includes adequate rest and sleep too. There are greater chances of you getting into IIT in India well rested than exhausted.

So if you truly wish to prepare in a very short amount of time for the JEE examinations, it is very much possible. You need to follow our above mentioned tips religiously and with fervour. Following these tips will guaranteed prepare you for the examinations and help you score the marks you need to get into the IIT in India. There are tons of students who have followed these tips and acquired admission in IITs in India. So work hard, rest, stay and healthy and focus and we guarantee you a good NIT ranking and admission in a list of IITs across the country.