Reliability of Digital Signature Forms

Many people who still do not know the technology behind digital signatures, do wonder, how reliable it is to provide signatures on the web for online transactions. A digital signature is an encryption and decryption process that allows identification of the author through an electronic message maintaining the integrity of the message at the same time. There is a certifying authority appointed for the process who issues computer generated signature certificate to the subscriber. This certificate is also called an electronic passport. Still there are many people who are wary of using such technological convenience. They rely on it only after having understood some part of it. They may not use it unless they understand some part of it. A business that uses a signature form is not about the technology, it is about trust.  The digital signature gives authentication and confirms that the person you are transacting with is not fake and is a genuine transactor. A digital signature form ensures confidentiality, as one comes to know immediately if in case the information sent was tampered with. If you have signed a form digitally, the transaction will never be denied.A technology standard called the Public Key Infrastructure (PKi) is used to support this.


Every person using computers or who engages himself in online transactions may need to use digital signatures.E.g.these certificates can be issued by banks to its customers who use net banking facilities. The transactions can be executed without cheques or any other paper documents as the banks now provideelectronically and digitally signed signature facilities.

There has been a lot of initiative todigitizeand bring income tax and commercial tax filing online. For the certifying authorities, the competition is not a glitch but winning over customers’ trust still remains a major challenge. So how would the firms get ready to face this challenge and get their transactions improved online.The CA firms do a proper review on the physical and technology infrastructure, processes, procedures. They get their license only after that, so it is just a matter of having the trust of the users built on the system. To spread the use of digital signature still remains a matter of creating awareness and trust. The certification authorities ensure that the digital signatures technically provide high level of authentication and integrity. If the government supports and re-assures users through the assurance and integrity statements under law, therecertainly will be more users to the digital signature forms.