Pokemon Go Is collaborating With McDonald

Pokemon Go is getting sponsored locations in the foreseeable future, and one of the first could be with among the biggest brands on the planet: McDonald’s. After people on Reddit this week discovered some lines of code that proposed programmer Niantic and McDonald’s were working together, a “well-put” source now tells Gizmodo that it is indeed happening.

Based on the source, the sponsorship deal will find every McDonald’s restaurant within an unspecified Asian country become a PokeStop or a gym. Gizmodo implies the nation could be Japan, which will be The Pokemon Company’s birthplace.pokemon go game for android devices are available on this site for downloading and enjoying on your devices and mcdonalds : pokomon go apk

It’s also worth noting The Pokemon Company, along with part-owner Nintendo, have partnered with McDonald’s in the past for promotional campaigns. As for why this new effort would just happen in one state, it is potential Niantic sees it as a trial that could later expand to other areas, though this really is not supported.2. jpg

Additional details about the reported venture, including how long it would survive and what special bonuses might be offered, weren’t mentioned in the report.

We’ve reached out to The Pokemon Company and McDonald’s in an attempt to get more details with this storyline.

Niantic CEO John Hanke told The New York Times this week that the developer has already signed deals with some retail establishments to turn their companies into sponsored Pokemon Go places. Official statements are arriving “later on.”

Companies don’t desire an official partnership with Niantic to attract people to their establishments. A Long Island pizza place recently declared that sales are up 75 percent after they used Pokemon Go’s “lure” items to bring Pokemon to their location, which in turn brought in customers. Moreover, Australia’s Sydney Opera House has declared it will entice Pokemon to the well-known music hall this coming Monday for a Pokemon Go celebration. pokemon go download for playing it now on your smartphones for free

What does one make of McDonald’s potentially becoming a sponsored Pokemon Go place? What other retail establishments would you like to see join the plan? Let us know in the comments below.