Checklist for Those Who Plan to Buy a Used Smartphone

More and more people today opt for used smartphones explaining that this is a much cheaper option which functionally offers the same benefits. This is an absolutely reasonable statement and this is why we decided to create a list of things you need to consider before and during the process of buying a used phone. Read several tips from technical experts in phone innovations.

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Visible Defects and Water Damage

One of the most vivid and easiest things to check is physical appearance of a device. Check the phone for any scratches, cracks, and even missing parts (should any of them occur). After the visual inspection open the back panel and pay very careful attention to the condition of the phone’s battery. Battery is the best way to find out whether the phone had any contact with water. If you see any rust or brownish stains, hand the phone to the seller and go away unless you are looking for some details. As a rule smart phone price for devices which had any contact with water will be significantly lower, so this is a great sign too.

Battery Life

Battery life is hard to check on the spot, so first of all ask the seller about it. Then look at the battery to make sure that it is original, because such pieces tend to work longer and better. In case you have purchased the phone through the internet and you see a cheap counterfeit of the original piece, make sure to either send it back to the seller or charge it fully as soon as possible and track how long it lasts.

SIM Card and Internet

If you are using a GSM network then before making the purchase you have to make sure that the phone takes your SIM card, because many phones having CDMA networks preinstalled will not take a SIM card. The proper size of a SIM card also matters, if you, for instance, what to get an iPhone.


After you put the card in, check how browser works with the turned on Internet. Try also opening several apps.

Phone and Audio Jack

It is simply vital to check phone’s audio system, because if there are any problems you might not her the interlocutor, the phone might not ring, or the headphones will not connect properly. If music and audio system are important to you, pay detailed attention to the quality of audio and also physical appearance of the audio system parts.

The Service Test Code

Most last generation smartphones have special codes that are used by the professionals in the stores to test the system of the device thoroughly. After such checks you will be able to negotiate any price that a seller has set. But before the negotiation, make sure to visit Kijiji and check LG smartphone price for your purchase.

So in order to get the code, for, let’s say, LG smartphone just google the model you have chosen and then find technical codes. In this way you will be able to get the codes and check out everything you need about the phone you plan to purchase.