Personal Development Issues That Prevent Bloggers from Blogging

Personal development includes activities that improve awareness, develop potential and enhance life quality. It can be developed with the help of guide, counsellor, teacher, or mentor. However, you can even attain it through self-help like writing blog posts.

How can personal development be attained through blogging?

Let’s look at a personal development issue list, which prevents you to start a blog.

Fear of humiliation – Getting message out through blogs generally provokes fear. You are worried about what readers will think about your opinions, writing skills, articulation of a concept and especially YOU. In addition, people leave comments, which can open doors for feedback and criticism.

Remember – Everybody learns though mistakes. Feedback is not failure, but need to be taken as an inspiration to sharpen your writing skills. It makes you feel more human and sometimes small imperfections make things beautiful.

Being a perfectionist – Getting perfect post and design a site to match your dream of perfectionism will not happen unless you possess lots of funds to invest in high quality graphics and blog writing. Bear in mind that having posts written by 3rd person will never be about you or your viewpoints.

Remember – Get out from your comfort zone because this won’t help you grow. Going after something you believe to be unreachable can make you stronger. The moment you succeed there will be no looking back.

Feeling of resistance – This one is tough to avoid. Often, when a great idea fires up, there is a feeling of fear that follows subsequently. Doubt and resistance within decide that you are not good enough or still unprepared. This will lead to distraction and a belief that there is a need to learn more, before blogging.

Remember – Feeling of resistance to start blogging is an indication that you are onto doing something important.

Negative inner voice – Majority of people talk to themselves. If you have a negative inner voice that dominates your decision, then you will need to tackle this sinister rogue. It can be a steady battle and for some it is an unconscious habit. Without even realising, people are made to do it.

How to handle a negative inner voice?

First find out the location from where this negative inner dialogue instigates from. Does it come from inside your head, shoulder or somewhere else?

Second step is to shift the voice location. For example, it is coming from right head relocate it to your left toe. Now, listen to how it sounds and understand its effect. If this does not work, then change the voice to some silly character.

Remember – Play with sound direction, tonality, loudness and see how the inner voice effects change.

Well-planned goal – A positive goal navigates you to move towards something inspiring and exciting instead of driving you away. The person is aware of the specific and tangible bottom line. You can gauge what success resembles. No negative thoughts come to mind.

Remember – Clarity of goals and outcomes help to succeed. Personal development does not begin, if you have no plan.