ORM: Pet Robot Toy

ORM realizes that the robotics industry is one of the biggest upcoming industries that exist at the moment, aside from VR and AR. Aside from the usual threat of robots replacing our jobs, everyone loves the idea of having a robot to have at home; either its for playing, doing chores or simply out of sheer boredom. Robots are changing the ways people interact with each other for good or for worse. Today, you can find robots at certain fast-food places taking your order or evening vacuuming at home but what about robots for pets? Imagine, you just adopted a puppy and when he’s a little older, you realize he’s a little depressed because you can’t always play with him and having another puppy is out of the question so what you supposed to do in that case? Well its simple, you purchase the robot pet. This toy is specially designed for dogs or cats that are at home and feeling lonely when the owner is at work or doing chores. This robot can initiate playtime with your pet at home by simply rolling towards it and making the pet chase it. There is a charging station for the toy and it automatically goes and charge whenever the battery is extremely low. The robot always asks the owner via text messages if they want to send a command to charge when it hits 30% but at 7%, it goes straight to the charging station no matter what. The toy comes with a free download of an app which you can also manual control the robot and give it specific commands based on the situation and it also has a live video feed in order to check up on your pet.


ORM services realized this toy is quite revolutionary for pets because you can get work or chores done without your pet bothering you since they will most likely be busy playing with such a toy. Another interesting feature on the toy are the game modes. There are two types of games such as tag and hide and seek. It’s not much at the moment but they are planning to load more games with online updates over time. Many pet owners become quite excited the moment they realize such a product exists and they instantly search online for reviews and information on where to purchase it. ORM knows they don’t need to focus on link building but rather on creating awareness of the product through social media, which will make a huge impact in sales.