Online Reputation Management New York Meets Mont-Tremblant

According to employees at Online Reputation Management New York, there are many stereotypes about Canadians and Canada. One stereotype that is also a truth, is the Canada has beautiful scenery, especially in the North. So, Online Reputation Management New York is planning to confirm that theory. They have purposely booked a networking event in Montreal so they can take the liberty of going to Mont-Tremblant for a couple of days afterwards. Although the state of New York is familiar with snow and has some mountains, it is nothing like when you hit Canada.

Some of the things that Online Reputation Management New York is excited to explore in Mont Tremblant is the mountain itself. They have made it their mission to hike up the mountain. The worst part about hiking the mountain says Online Reputation Management’s co-founder is that you can not see the top of the mountain when you are standing at the bottom he read. It is hidden by another part of the mountain. The hike can be done on many different trails and there are multiple levels of difficulty. The most popular is “La Grande Brûlée”. In French that mean “The Big Burn” which may sound intimidating. The team will also be encouraged to learn some french while they are there as most people will be served in French seeing as they will be in the province of Quebec.

Other key things that Online Reputation Management New York has ben told they had to do is the Luge. The Luge is like a race buggy track that goes down the hill. It is one activity that can create a friendly team competition and increase the amount of energy within the team and the company itself. To add, Online Reputation Management New York is encouraged to visit and walk some of the golf courses just for the scenery, have taffy on a stick, and take the Cabriolet (gondola to the base of the mountain) over and over again.