Online reputation management: Holographic Keyboard  

Online reputation management has been working on client that has created a holographic keyboard. It’s called that but in reality it’s just a small USB looking device that sends out a lit up keyboard on any surface except mirrors. The light being shine in front of you is an exact copy of any standard keyboard on the market. However, the amazing thing about this product is the fact that it works exceptionally well. There is no lag, and you don’t make any annoying errors and the errors that are made would be the exact same that a person would normally make on any regular keyboard. The device that lights up the keyboard can be used for about two weeks straight on a single charge or it can be plugged into the pc or tablet so it can use that devices power source. It is recommended to not use the power source of a phone or tablet since the battery life is better on holographic keyboard. Even though it sounds amazing and useful, they had a negative reputation on reliability early on in research and development of the prototype. The issue was that the light would flicker on and off randomly and it was like that at a tech show, which resulted in a negative critique about the product. They did say that it was a prototype at the time and the concept was amazing.


Online reputation management realized they needed to work some magic because they had the tech conferences negative critique to overcome, and that is definitely a huge hurdle. Reputation Management started to post videos on social media to illustrate how the hardware worked. They started the online marketing campaign by simply making videos on how to use the product and how it can help you compared to a standard keyboard. Soon after, they started to produce funny and entertaining videos. For example, one video is a caveman discovering this new keyboard and then another cave man discovers a standard keyboard. The one with the new type of keyboard starts laughing at the other calls him a caveman. There is another video they made and posted; this one consists of a nerdy kid demonstrating what you can do and what you can’t do with this keyboard. In one segment, you see the kid typing on the keyboard and he sticks his thumb up in awe. The next segment, he tries to type on the keyboard while chopping vegetables and he looses a finger; then he turns to the camera and shakes his head left and right in disappointment. This campaign started to peak the interest of many people and some even started to order and put their own homemade reviews on the net.