How To Make Your Smart Phone Theft-Safe Using Simple Tricks  

Portability of mobile phones brings convenience of doing all the chores while on the move, but no one can deny the fact that the same feature adds to the chances of it getting stolen. Thus, an owner has to be a step ahead of what a thief may think. Sometimes, a person may also lose the phone by leaving it behind while coming out of a restaurant, office or otherwise.

All such situations require you to explore your mobile phone more closely and find out the protective features that it offers. Apart from the in-built mechanisms, there is anti theft device also available for the users who require added protection of the data they store in the smart phones.


Proactive measures for evading phone theft 

The time gap between the losing a phone and its reaching to the wrong hands is almost negligible. So, you must take following measures to ensure that losing a phone does not get aggravated to a worse incident like losing off your confidential information to the wrongdoer. Here is what you can do to prevent phone theft as far as possible:

  • Enable GPS and keep it on when you are away from home

Enabling GPS allows you not only to find the nearest locations but also help you in tracking your own mobile phone too, Thus, send a suitable command to the mobile phone before the phone is stripped off SIM card, battery etc. by the thief.

  • Use anti-lost alarm

The anti theft mobile tracker is of great use to find the phone lost in a nearby location. This alarm beeps when the phone goes beyond the preset safe distance in a bi-directional manner allowing the user to know whereabouts of the phone.

  • Download phone tracker app

For android device, one can install the Android device manager on the desktop. You can login to android device manager to find the phone location. For this, GPS of the phone must be on.

Your phone deserves impregnable protection as you carry your world in it. So, take charge of your phone by equipping it with anti-theft measures and enjoy better peace of mind.