Magento- The Open-Source E-Commerce Platform To Build Creative Websites


Magento is an open source e-commerce platform that is written in PHP. This software was originated by Varien Inc., which is a US private company with its headquarters in Culver City, California.

The company, Varien initially released the software for general availability on March 31, 2008. Roy Rubin, who was the former CEO of Varien, later went on to sale a significant share of the company to eBay, which eventually proceeded to completely acquire and then reestablished the services of the company.

The version Magento 2.0 was released on November 17, 2015.The aim of releasing this version was to devise and supply novel ways to intensify user engagement, conversion rates, smooth navigation and overall revenue generation. This version encompassed of some well-organized business user tools required to speed up the buildup time and enhance the productivity.


Magento Features

The greatest advantage of Magento development is that it supports a Web template system, which creates multiple pages with similar look and customizes theme accordingly.

Magento offers a fundamental theme which establishes an e-Commerce website. The Magento theme is specifically designed for customizing all the pages by either adding or editing the PHP, HTML and CSS.

The Magento users may also install themes which changes the display of the website or its functionality. The Magento themes are substitutable with Magento installations without causing any loss of content or layout of pages. The Magento themes are installed by uploading the theme folders via the FTP or SSH and applying them utilizing the backend admin system.

The never-ending benefits

A sharp reduction in the Table locking issues was noticed in addition to improved Page Caching. It also resulted in streamlining the Guest checkout process for existing users as well.

The benefits of Enterprise-grade scalability, better code base and improved performance added on to the popularity of the Magento version. According to the E-commerce platform popularity research that was conducted by ahead Works in May 2015, the market share for Magento was listed among the 30 most popular e-commerce platforms and accounted about 29.8%.

In this current context of ardent competition, the custom Magento ecommerce allows the service providers to offer innovative solution related to theme customization, store development, extensions development and maintenance services which can prove to be a breakthrough in the business activities.

Magento solutions by firms

The Magento solutions can act as a catalyst in boosting the business with its innovative and extremely helpful solutions. It not only provides the right kind of apt assistance but also ensures the smooth running of the business. Several service providers are available who can assist you in maintaining a smooth functioning of the Magento ecommerce applications.

Several Magento development solutions provided by leading firms offer solutions with astoundingquickness, flexibility and customization capabilities thereby providing more scope for expansion of business activities. Whenever, the management decided to renovate the framework performance and switch to a higher sense of structure to cope with growing business, they can fulfil their plans for renovation by upgrading the solutions required to augment the reputation as one of the frontrunners in the market. Magento platform increases the possibility of constant progressions in business.


So you try at least once Magento development to create an innovative e-commerce website that really gains more traffic among people.