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Among the various kinds of communication apps available in the online realm, Viber has been inviting children for easy communication and fun. It has also enabled your employees to discuss professional topics in a successful manner. However, you cannot rule out the possibility that they might use the app for worse. Accordingly, it would be your responsibility to avert such problems and issues. You would be able to control what has been going on in Viber calls and chats along with the efficient and friendly help of the phone spy app.

What do you understand by Viber monitoring?

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The software has all the basic elements that would make it your long-term and dependable friend. It would assist you in monitoring all Viber chats being used by your children or employees. You would be required to log on to myspyapp.com and tell them about your concerns. They would be able to make sure that your private and business safety has been taken care of in the best manner possible. The app specifications would make you do a plethora of things.

You would be able to gain access to all Viber chats. It would help you notice every detail including time and date of conversation. You would be able to keep track of all contacts or interlocutors that would be saved in the Viber account. You would be able to monitor Viber log information, which would be inclusive of time and date details. You would be able to keep a strict vigil on file exchange conducted via Viber. You would be able to view the acquired data on your computer or laptop, without the need to connect to the internet. All you have to do is to export it into a spreadsheet format and save in on your laptop or PC. The spy app has been the most trusted and reliable monitoring software available in the online realm.