LIMS Implementation: A significant step for food safety

Food safety is a primary global concern. Every food must be well tested before consumption. A Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) helps to standardize and integrate all the stages of food production beginning right from farm pickings to production and from packaging to delivery of the product to the customer. The software can help the food and beverage laboratories to achieve great quality abiding by the strictest regulatory laws.


Maintaining the quality standards have never been this difficult as it has been in recent times seeing the rising cost expenses. This has led to a visibility of a quality control, tracing ability and tracking need in the food and beverage sector. With the emphasis over having strict regulations and food safety, Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS systems) have been introduced in this industry.

The various functions a LIMS performs in a food and beverage sector are as follows:

  • It helps to keep a track on the production, processing and distribution
  • It monitors over the quality standards
  • Efficient management of recalls
  • Avoid any loss happening in terms of products and revenues.
  • Offers a safe environment for managing batches of processed foods, raw materials and packaged foods.
  • It helps the food producers reduce risks related to contaminated foods.
  • Ensures the safety of the consumers out there
  • Maintain the brand’s value in front of the company’s shareholders.

Food, dairy, brewing products and beverages are global resources which generally suffer because of several global, environmental and economic impacts. A Laboratory Information Management System plays a vital role to manage the data, meanwhile affording a full honesty and tracing ability of products that may end up in the food market.

Laboratory Information Management Systems are critical element in the food industry for ensuring a quality management system and whether strict food industry standards and regulations are followed or not. For quality Laboratory Information Management System software and services get in touch with BlazeLIMS today! BlazeLIMS’s Laboratory Information Management System has been designed to control and monitor manufacturing processes well, to make sure a good tracing ability and safety, meanwhile maintaining the costs.

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