Learn how to synchronize Xiaomi with Mac

Synchronization happens when a mobile device communicates with application found in personal computers or a server. Every mobile device has a certain way of loading applications, updates and changing the operating settings. Most gadgets use the cable to to communicate with the computer, usually through a USB port. Some device synchronicities over internet and through this method, application on the device can be transferred and received on the computer. Both the computer and your gadget will have the same information. If you are having xiaomi phone, and if you wish to transfer your personal data, images, videos, music and messages on Mac device, it is possible and you can easily sync.2

How to synchronize xiaomi with Mac

You can transfer videos, photos and documents between Mac and Xiaomi device using SyncMate application. The application will help to sync contacts and calendars between the Mac and Xiaomi device for free. You have to download the application from online. The second method involves connecting your Xiaomi phone to your Mac using a USB cable. If your Xiaomi phone has pin, password or screen lock, you have to first unlock it.

On your Mac device, you have to launch android file transfer and then you would be able to see your files on your Xiomi device in android file transfer window. You have to drag the files from android file transfer to your Mac. You may also drag files and folders from Mac to android file transfer, if you want to sync Mac with Xiaomi phone.

Then you have to create a new folder on Xiaomi phone and click the new folder icon. Then you have to delete files from Xiaomi device. For this, you would be required to select the files in an Android file transfer window you wish to delete. The application will support all models of Xiaomi phones.