Important Things You Should Know About Tone Mapping HDR

Photography is one of the very few forms of the art that you can practice in day-to-day life without affecting your day job. It’s the primary reason why many young photographers don’t leave any stone unturned to capture scenes around them. If you happen to be one such photography lover, you should pay heed to a few very important points to ensure none of your clicks go unnoticed. Here are they-

DSLR v/s Smartphone Photography

With the increase in Smartphone users around the world, people have found an alternative way to click photos. It seems cool when you click photos for the sake of enjoyment, but if you are serious about your photography career, try to think beyond smartphones. Even though DSLR cameras are expensive, they come with a host of inbuilt features that can give newer heights to your photography career. HDR and tone mapping are two such examples that can make any photo stand out. So, choose your option wisely if you want to polish your photography skills.

What Is HDR Image?

Any image that has the brightness range of more than 256 values (8 bits) per color channel is called an HDR image. The HDR or High Dynamic Range technology can make your clicks more appealing and eye-catching than ever. While the usual image formats don’t let the best of any image come out, HDR images are rich in the brightness and can make anyone look extraordinary.

If you are a professional photographer, you can use tone mapping HDR technology and enhance the ratio of high range colors in any image. It’s probably the easiest and the best photography algorithm that displays high range colors through different color sets. Professional photographers use this method to edit images in various image editing software to ensure that images can live up to users’ expectations.

If you are interested in photography and want to make a career in the same field, you should focus on becoming the best photo capturer and photo editor. There are many online and offline resources available in the market that you can pay attention to acquiring required knowledge about HDR, photo mapping, and other important tools & techniques. One such source is All you need to do is click on this link and browse information that’s important for you. So, give it a shot and take your photography career to newer heights.