Know About HDR Technique Used In the Camera

It is not always the camera which is responsible for clicking the best images; many times it is the software which helps you in getting the perfect shots. In the present time, HDR technology is used in the camera of smartphone and computer to get the HDR images which are perfect pictures.

Features of HDR software

There are lots of HDR software like AuroraHDRwhich is helpful to create the stunning photographs. Some features of such softwares are as follows:

  • Color management is supported by the HDR software.
  • It is capable of combining the photos clicked in different exposure into the single HDR photo.
  • Tone mapping feature of the HDR is helpful in creating the stun photographs, you will get the realistic and dynamic HDR results.
  • JPG image and the single RAW image can be enhanced with HDR software.
  • White balance can be corrected easily.
  • There is a tool for correcting the chromatic aberration.
  • HDR software is the multiplatform software. It can work well with Mac as well as with windows.
  • HDR software can be used in the smartphone or on the computer.
  • Noise removing filters are turned on while working with camera with HDR technique.
  • Fast processing of the images as HDR uses batch processing technique.


Creating the HDR images

You can create the mind boggling HDR images with your regular camera. You need to follow certain steps to get the desired results:

  • Camera which has Auto bracketing function is preferred to be used by the beginners for clicking the HDR image. It will ensure that you do not have to adjust your camera setting manually thus it increases the possibility of moving the camera and same scene is not clicked to get the perfect picture.You can use tripod to hold the camera. Thus, you do not have to face trouble in aligning the images.
  • There are number of softwares which are designed specifically for the beginners to create the HDR images. If you are trained to work on HDR, you can buy advanced HDR programs.
  • Capture the image at different exposures to get the desired result. Clicking images in the single exposure is not a HDR image.
  • When you are exposed to sun or at night, you should use HDR to get the perfect images. You should know that using HDR for capturing images of the moving things is not the good idea.

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