Three Simple Methods To Kill Unresponsive Apps On Mac OS X

It’s very annoying when you are using an application on your computer, and suddenly, it’s turning into an unresponsive app. In this case, it does not respond to any of your command or action and just freezes your computer.

However, you can use three useful tips above to help you deal with these unresponsive apps. These methods will guide you how to force those apps to quit immediately in different ways.

Useful Methods To Kill Unresponsive Apps On Mac OS X

There are three methods you can use to force quit Mac apps when it becomes unresponsive apps. That is using Activity Monitor, Force Quit Applications, and Terminal.

Close Apps With Activity Monitor

To use Activity Monitor, you can open Finder and go to the “Utilities” folder to open this built-in tool to help you manage and close any application you want. Activity Monitor is also known as a Task Manager tool for Mac OS X.

After launching the tool, you will see a list of running processes. Just find the app you want to close and then click “Force Quit” button at the top-left corner to force it to close.

Force Close Apps With Force Quit Applications

Along with the above method, you can use a quicker method to close running apps on Mac OS X, by using “Force Quit Applications”. It’s a built-in application that comes with the operating system. To open this app, simply press Command, Option and Esc on your keyboard. When the app is opened, select the running program you want to close and then close it.


However, sometimes, if your computer is frozen, this function does not work and also don’t open when you call it. It also does not help you to close running processes, just applications.

Close Unresponsive Apps With Terminal

If two methods above can’t help you to solve the problem, you should try to close the application with Terminal. All you need to do is going to Finder, select “Utilities” folder and open Terminal application.

On the Terminal window, type the below command to kill any app you want.

killall iTunes

In this case, iTunes is the app that’s unresponsive and need to be killed. If you want to close another app, use the same command structure, just replace the name of the application. This method always works and don’t need to do any further action.

If you have any further question about how to force quit unresponsive apps on Mac OS X, just leave your comment below.