Kamstrup Multical 801

When it comes to Kamstrup Energy Flow Meters there is one question you will never need to ask again which is; Why you gotta be like that average and unreliable energy flow meter because the Kamstrup Multical cooling meter is far superior than any other flow meter available on the market and here is why.

There are several models available for the user so I’m going to focus on the Multical 801 which is a high end thermal energy calculator for industrial applications. This product is build to be protected against dust, water and humidity ensuring that it is protected against any and all hostile environments and will still operate and continue to accurately measure. It has a whole host of excellent built in features and boasts that this tiny box will be the answer to all your problems. It has a easy to ready back­lit LED display so you can see what you are doing even if it’s dark.


The calculator can be accessed remotely using a variety of different communication methods, most of which are built in. For example; it has 4 analogue outputs as well as the capacity to add two communication modules. These additional modules includes pulse inputs for connections to water and electricity meters making this the most adaptable meter for remote functionality.

 If for whatever reason you are to encounter a problem such as a leakage, burst or power failure the Multical 801 ensures a quick response to problems and saves meter readings instantaneously. If that wasn’t secure enough it also has a specially designed back­up battery so that if there is a power cut the meter will continue to calculate energy for up to a year so none of the precious data will be lost.

The Multical has excellent compatibility. For example, when connected to the Kamstrup Ultraflow, the meter has the highest measuring quality ensuring long term stability and reliability.