Integrating Car Rental business with self-service kiosks.

Asmore and more industries deploy the use of self-service kiosks for their businesses, car rental companies have not been left behind. They have over the recent past embraced the use of self-service kiosk. Self-service kiosks were first evident in the airlines in their check-in terminals. This large use of kiosk in the check-in terminals saw taxi companies introduce self-service kiosks to aid their clients avoid dreadful lines especially in the peak hours. While this has been in use for a while, the percentage of people who use the kiosks are significantly small.

When the kiosks were first introduced, they had keyboards where the clients would type their credentials. With time, they introduced touchscreen where they only needed to key in very few details. One of the major reasons why there may be failure in the deployment of car rental kiosks is that inexperienced clients often get a very bad experience. To curb this, a car rental company should deploy one of their staffs to guide the clients on how to go through the transactions on the kiosks.

Car Rental business

When the car rental kiosks were first introduced it saw a very big drop in sales as clients were often presented with dozen random options and they lack support from the company’s staff which saw a cut in sales. Car rental kiosks were also faced with so much security threats as people would impersonate as renters with fake documentation which would cause big losses for the company.

Modern technology has seen many car rental companies use the presence of live agent, which in conjunction with the interactive nature of the kiosk, has greatly improved the user’s experience. The renters are now able to get instant information and this in turn improves the customer experience which in turn increases the revenue. However, as much as there is improvement people have not embraced the use self-service kiosks in the car rental industry.

The modern technology enables the users to have a very smooth process thanks to the presence of a live support agent. After scanning the drivers’ license, the kiosks populate the data with matching records. The kiosks accept credit/debit payment after which an agreement is printed with a report of the car’s condition and then issues a garage exit pass if necessary. If you have your kiosk designed properly with the necessary components, the whole process can take up to five minutes.

The key determinant to the failure or success of the car rental kiosk is the choice of your kiosk designer. For instance, Olea Kiosk manufacturers ensure that your car rental kiosk has the right and major components which will see that the profit margin of your kiosk is maximized.