Instagram: Be Consistent Without Being Repetitive

Assuming you have established an Instagram account and have at least a few followers, you may be ready to extend your influence beyond close friends and family members. There are dozens of individuals at this precise point in their social media lives, but they may not have a solid presence for followers who are truly interested in what they offer.


The first step when beginning to operate in the Instagram world is to have a theme, a consistent view of the world, or a specific area of interest that others will identify with. In decades past, salespeople used to say that they sold themselves as much as they sold a product or service. This was their “shtick,” another word for the personal interests and the personality that the salesperson presented to potential clients.

Make Your Pitch

Some sales training programs teach individuals to perfect what is called an “elevator pitch,” which is just a brief outline of what you sell or offer. This has to be short and to the point, so that you can use it effectively when you are in the elevator with someone who may be interested in your product or service.

What do these sales techniques have to do with being successful on Instagram? When it comes down to making social media work for you, especially if you buy followers on Instagram from a reputable source, you must have something consistent and interesting to offer. If you don’t, you may be fighting an uphill battle that will never be won.

Once you have that foundation in place, you can work with a company that offers real followers, screened to narrow the group to those who will have a genuine interest in what you post. Then it’s time to do some of the other things that will help you make your Instagram presence a success.

Stay on Schedule

Successful Instagram veterans insist that staying with your schedule is essential. As one individual noted, you should be consistent so that your followers know when to expect something new. If you decide to post daily, then make sure you do just that – post daily. People are creatures of habit when it comes to social media, so give them a rhythm that they can be comfortable with.


While you do not want to update or completely shake up your pages too often, it is also important to avoid boring your followers. As one industry observer noted, puppies and kittens will be fine, as long as you don’t include pictures of your coffee cup without some connection to your theme. You may want to think seriously about staying away from such overused themes as city skylines and sunsets, unless you are sure you have an image that stands out from the crowd.

To sum things up, do all you can to be consistent without becoming repetitive. You may sincerely believe that your theme and your individual images are the most interesting items in the world. Be honest with yourself and make an effort to offer followers something fresh and exciting, whatever schedule you decide to follow.