IMEI Repair Tool

For a simple and easy IMEI Repair the best course of action you can take is use the IMEI Repair tool.

Why are there so many people interested in Repair the IMEI codes of their mobile phone devices?

IMEI Repair Tool Software

The answer in that question lies in everything that the IMEI code represents. As every other code, this one too, keeps a lot of information about the device it is assigned with. For example, if you have the right software you can discover many things about a mobile phone unit just by typing in the IMEI code of that unit. The IMEI shows when the device was produced, what carrier took it over from the manufacturer and sold it, it contains the details if your mobile phone is SIM locked or SIM unlocked, and it can be also used to discover if a phone is black-listed or not. Furthermore, the IMEI code keeps an entire record about what apps you have used over your phone or other activities you did via your mobile phone. This being said, it is only normal for a person who buys a mobile phone device that has been already used by someone else to want to Repair the IMEI and with that to begin anew.

imei repair

Where can one find this IMEI code?

The IMEI code can be found in your phone’s menu under settings and then in the about option. You should easily recognize it since it is normal code consisting of four or five digits but of fifteen instead. If your mobile phone device was just bought and you don’t want to waste time digging through the phone’s menu, you might as well dial *#60# to see the IMEI on your phone’s screen.

Things you need to know to successfully complete the IMEI Repair task

In order to perform a positive IMEI Repair you need to know the IMEI you want to Repair. How to discover the already existing IMEI was explained in the paragraph above so you can use those tips to discover the right IMEI. If you do not insert the correct IMEI when you use the IMEI Repair tool then, and this is not something unexpected, you will fail in the attempt to Repair your current IMEI. Have in mind, though, that you only have three chances to use the IMEI Repair to Repair your IMEI code. If you are sloppy and do not insert the correct IMEI code for three times then the phone’s software will have a reaction and will not let you have any more goes, so you will end up with your current IMEI for the rest of the while until you decide to buy another cell phone device.

Why is it so convenient to Repair the IMEI of your device?

The reason why most people decide to take this step is the instant network unlock they get with Repair the IMEI. Under normal circumstances the network unlocking procedure is almost impossible to perform without a huge cost attached to that activity. The network providers activate the SIM card lock for two years, in most of the cases, and to enter the carrier’s database and switch a mobile phone’s status from locked to unlocked is something that is worth a lot of money. However, with the perfectly legal and free IMEI Repair application tool you don’t have to pay and you don’t have to worry that you are doing something illegal. You will simplify the entire process of SIM unlocking only with the proper IMEI Repair. Once you have your phone unlocked you know your benefits, numerous of opportunities and dozens of monthly mobile plans to best suit your budget. What can be better than that?

Now that you know why so many users from all over the world are so eager to get the IMEI Repair tool you might want to download it yourself.

How to use the IMEI Repair Tool

The easy step-by-step IMEI Repair procedure is described just below:

  1. Download and install the tool on your PC, laptop or tablet. Where you install it doesn’t affect the speed and the efficiency of the tool, so whichever device you decide to use for it is completely acceptable.
  2. Open the tool the moment the installation is over and find your phone’s USB cable.
  3. Next, connect your cell phone device to the tablet, laptop or PC and wait for the computer to recognize your phone.
  4. Now, open the IMEI Repair window and insert a couple of details like your IMEI code, your email etc.
  5. Click the IMEI Repair button and wait for the IMEI Repair tool to perform the Repair.

If you still have any questions regarding this tool feel free to contact the customer support service via email or phone.