iDiskk – Your Relief to Limited iPhone Storage Capacity

Many iPhone users are having trouble with insufficient external memory. This is because most of them would want higher external capacity for their phones higher than 16GB. In purchasing iPhone, the first thing that you need to look at is the external memory yet since it is just limited to 16GB, the only option for them is to look for an alternative external memory to store their files. While the phone leaves only a little space for your data, it can be a waste of money especially if you need to store several files on your iPhone you just can’t because it has limited space.


On some devices, this is not really a problem because other smart phone or mobile phones are non-volatile. In most cases, they would rather have flash memory for storing data which doubles in size. The issue for several iPhone users is that once the memory storage run out of space, the phone may no longer be valuable for them. Without an external memory or any way of expanding the memory capacity, that will be a big inconvenience for the user. In this case, no matter how much you want to download lots of applications and take a thousand photos, it cannot be done since your phone storage capacity is limiting you to do so.

Another problem with iPhone is its closed platform. You cannot just easily transfer files from one device to another just like any other Android phone. In transferring the files, you will need cable or iTunes to process the command. While iPhone is considered one of the best Android phones, it is still undeniable that some users are experiencing pain and troubles out of using it most especially of its insufficient memory.

What can iDiskk do with this?

IPhone is recognized as an iconic phone and a transformational device that can change the perception of people of what a mobile phone should be. But in some case, no matter how perfect and awesome a product is, it cannot be denied that there are still flaws in it. The only disadvantage with iPhone is its inadequate memory but there is one product that will address to that problem.

A newly released product from one of China’s electronics businesses is iDiskk. Shenzhen FeiTianXia Technology has manufactured their latest product focusing on the creation of mobile phone fixtures such that of Apple iPhone. The company leads the industry by producing high quality chargers, storage and cables wherein iDiskk is the most representative.

After iDiskk was out in the market, it has been a revolutionized product particularly for all iPhone users. I has been the most convenient and useful disk in the history of iOS and storage. With its fashionable and simple features, it is not surprising to know that it has been the most preferred by Apple product users.

The main purpose for the development of iDiskk is to solve capacity shortage difficulties among iPhone users. Now, there is no need to problem about your 16GB storage capacity because iDiskk can expand the external memory of your phone is simple steps. You can supplement an additional 16G up to 128 G if you want. With this privilege and amazing offer, you can now indulge with unlimited file-storing, picture-taking and a lot more. All that you would want to do with your phone is now possible with iDiskk. Nothing will limit you of what you want to do with your iPhone because of the presence of iDiskk.

Other than expanding your phone memory, iDiskk can also be used for iPad or PC. It is compatible for any iPhone series that makes it a perfect product. Transferring files will no longer be a hassle because this technology is proficient in copying data using its iDiskk pro app. You can now transfer your files from iDiskk to your iPhone easily. Playing music and videos are also made easy. You just have to plug the disk directly to the device and it will play automatically. With its fast transferring mechanism, it gives a commendable user experience. It can read USB for up to 80 MB/s and can write approximately 30 MB/s. Aside from that, it also contain back up contacts from iPhone so once you had trouble with your contact directory, you have a reserved file for that one.

What are its special features?

IPhone users would love iDiskk because of its simple interface. Since it is easy to use, you will spend limited time in configuring how the disk will work on your device. If you are looking for a speedy disk experience that doesn’t get stuck then iDiskk is an ideal choice. It has a speedy write and read technology that creates an ultimate and the best user experience. Not only that, it comes with the top industrial design that is perfectly touched with exquisite but simple decoration. Its hard metal case secures you of a lifelong service and a fashionable design and color as well.

iDiskk is compatible with any main formats for music, video, photos and even for file. For video, it works for .vob .avi .gif .wmv .mpg  .mov .flvmpg .rm and a lot more. You can now enjoy listening to any music format such as .wav .ogg .m4a, .mp3 .aac and lastly .m4r. There is nothing to worry about reading any file format because iDiskk fits for .txt .ppt .pdf .pages .doc .numbers and .xls formats. Moreover, it also supports exFAT file format that only means it is capable of restoring a file bigger than 4GB. With it amazing design, you’ll surely get hang of it. You can choose from 4 different colors namely rose gold, gold, space gray and silver.

With these special features and amazing functions indeed, life becomes easier with iDiskk. You can have the freedom to do what you want with your iPhone with iDiskk on your side. For the best mobile phone experience, it will be your best decision to purchase this incredible product and see for yourself the convenience it offers.