How to Choose the Best Online Time Management Software for Managing Your Projects?

No matter which business you are in, time management can prove to be crucial for your success. If you are in a service-based industry, the deadlines will be stricter and the pressures to meet them even higher. With complex projects, you need to make the most of every minute and ensure that your employees do the same. Here are some vital tips on looking for the best time management software online that can help you with managing your projects.


Look for varied features

The first thing that you should look for is the availability of varied features, and the ones which are useful for your type of industry. If you are into freelancing, you need to create invoices, weekly or monthly reports, generate CSV files on projects handled for specific clients etc. You online app should help you do all this and more, so that there is no need to install separate apps for handling these tasks. You can do it all from a single dashboard.

Check the ease of use

The software should also be easily usable. If you are in the IT industry, you would probably need it to be updated frequently by your employees as well. It is better to use one that allows you to perform most operations and get all types of project updates from a single dashboard. These may include keeping track of varied projects, deadlines for the same, managers in charge of each project and team, real-time status of projects, start and end dates of projects and more.

Ensure all-round tracking

The project time tracker app should track all the time being used by each employee and the number of hours left to the deadline. It should take into account any leave time or overtime by each employee while handling specific projects. This will let you determine work bonuses, increments, leave cuts and other things very easily.

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Make sure that it is customizable

You should also ensure that the time tracker free to use online can easily be customized according to your type of industry. For instance, if you have a construction firm, the software should be tweaked a bit to make it work for your requirements and client types and easily track work time. It should be fine-tuned to provide you with information about billable hours, number of employees working on a specific construction site, whether one or more is absent, the engineer in charge of the project and his past projects and so on.