How Can a Radio Headset Enhance Your Cycling Experience?

Recently, the uptake of a cycling radio headset has been soaring. This is observed from the rising purchases and enquiries, as well as the many reviews and comparisons between different products. People wear this handy device for several reasons. Some want to be part of a trend; others want to improve communication between them and other users, while others simply want to listen to music. Of all the reasons for wearing this headpiece, improving the cycling game seems like the most popular reason for investing in a radio headset. But, does this device really take cycling a notch higher or it’s just a marketing gimmick? The following aspects act as proof that a radio headset does improve cycling:


  1. Become More Alert

Cycling is an exercise that requires lots of concentration at all times. Losing focus may result to you knocking another cyclist, bumping onto the barrier, or falling over the edge. Did you know that many cyclist become less-alert when trying to communicate with a training partner or teammates? In the course of trying to hear what is being said, the cyclist will pedal much slower or miss a step leading and this affects the momentum. Wearing a radio headset allows the user to clearly hear what is being said without straining or slowing down due to fast winds or rain. This ensures the cyclists maintains momentum, balance and improves his safety.

  1. Improves Communication among Teammates

Communication is key to improving the cyclist experience. Teammates and training buddies need to be in constant communication at all times. They need to know when to increase or decrease their speed, if to change to a lower or higher gear, or when to overtake other teams. Communication also helps when seeking assistance in case of an injury or feeling fatigued. However, unless the communication channels are clear, most of the times the cyclists will not hear what has been said. This may lead to the group falling apart or the gap widening further. Imagine trying to signal your colleagues during strong winds or in the midst of other individuals?

radio with cycling

  1. Ideal for Self-Supporting Teams

Self-supporting teams are among the biggest users of a cycling radio headset. Unlike another team that is supported by a backup vehicle, these groups rely on themselves and just like their rivals, they need to make the right decision. Using hand signals, shouting to your teammates, or trying to catch up with the leaders will not work. You as the leaders can’t risk slowing down so as to talk to your teammates. The best solution in such situations is using a radio headset. The light and flexible device easily fits into the helmet and works over long distances. Simply talking into the mouthpiece alerts all your teammates of your intended action. Not only does it improve your cycling skills but boosts the team spirit.

  1. Save Energy and Minimize Injury Risk

Cycling is already tiring and takes a lot from a person, so why would you want to waste any more effort when communicating? To become a better cyclist, a person has to direct most of the energy or effort to the cycling and not other related activities. This allows you to improve your stamina, endurance as well as versatility. It also helps a person meet his targets. Headsets for communications reduce the energy used when communicating with other people. It also makes the rider more alert and chances of losing a step or bumping into something when trying to turn around are minimal. Besides saving the vital energy, chances of getting injured are much lesser.

The reason stated above show that wearing a radio headset does indeed improve your cycling. You become more alert in what you are doing as you don’t have to struggle listening to your fellow teammates or partner. Communication amongst team members is improved even when separated. The communication system helps self-supporting teams work as a solid unit despite lacking a backup minibus or car. Using the radio headset also reduces the amount of effort used in trying to figure what the other person is saying. Also, the risk of getting injured as your try to catch-up with a person ahead of you is minimized. To have the best cycling experience and improve the game, it is advised that the cycling radio headset should be acquired from a reputable source.