Health Challenges Faced by Programmers and Coders

As more and more college graduates move into the I.T industry, particularly programmers and coders, related health concerns are becoming apparent. As these health problems are not likely to dissuade would-be developers, below is a list of what to look out for and how to minimize the effects.

The Screen Says It All

It is no coincidence that the vast majority of programmers wear glasses. With almost all of their work time spent staring at a screen of some sort, their eyes are placed under constant strain. While this isn’t good news for general eyesight, continuous work under these conditions leads to fatigue which makes a coder unproductive.

The good news is that problems with vision and fatigue caused by looking at monitors all day long aren’t known to be permanent. The simple solution is to take frequent breaks and adjust your line of sight. Step outside and let your eyes adapt to a change of light and air flow, along with looking at and focusing on far away objects.

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Typing Your Joints Away

Typing is an explicit requirement for coding and one which can take its toll on the joints through your fingers and wrists. The effects can vary from regular joint pain and discomfort to early onset arthritis.

If you live in the Chicago area, reflexology treatments are going to be the best way to prevent these effects from occurring or managing them once they already have. Reflexology uses pressure points on your hands and feet to treat pain and discomfort caused by repetitive typing.

Sit up Straight

If you are a programmer, or you know somebody who is then you are well aware that coders can sit for hours on end just typing away. This often results in a variety of strange position in an attempt to stay comfortable and alert. Unfortunately, it is this very process which leads to poor posture and can be a contributing factor to digestive and stomach problems.

While there is little that this article can do to persuade a coder to spend less time in front of their computer, the best prevention against poor posture is a chair which blends comfort and structure. Often overlooked because of a larger upfront cost compared to lower quality alternatives, the long-term comfort, and support they provide are well worth their price tag.

In the technology filled world we live, health related concerns often take a back seat. If you are serious about your programming and want to make sure that you are physically able to do it well into your adult life, take notice of these tips and stay conscious of your physical health as you work.