How to Get the Best Deals on iPhone 6 in USA (Save your Money)

Apple is one of the most admired smartphone manufacturing company which is known for its quality and precision. Apple has always been in the front seat when it comes to the quality of materials that it chooses and the hardware is also top notch. Well, the iPhone 5S was said to be the best ever iPhone but then came the gorgeous iPhone 6 which in every way was better than the 5S. but after that, Apple launched the 6S with the same body and structure which featured some hardware changes. So technically, it is still safe to either buy or win an iPhone 6 because it still has Apple’s latest design and the other reason is that it’s cheap now.

When the iPhone 6 was launched, it came with a hefty $800 price tag which was the same amount when the iPhone 5S was launched. But the frustrating or good thing about Apple is when it launches the new phone, their older phones seek a price drop by 50% approx. now if you will go out to buy the iPhone 6, you can easily get it under 600 dollars or so. But the question is where to get iPhone 6 that cheap in the USA?

I phone 6


We all love Amazon, don’t we? Well, it has got just the reason to love it more as Amazon have slashed the price of iPhone 6 massively. Amazon has hundreds of sellers under its belt and every other seller is offering the iPhone 6 at a very competitive price. You will be able to see iPhone 6 valued at $550 or $560 but you can also save a few bucks and get the same phone at $520. All these phones are the unlocked versions of iPhone 6 so that you can put in any service you want and it also comes with a 1 year warranty which is pretty cool for the price.


Well, who doesn’t know Walmart? Walmart is offering some pretty cool deals on the iPhone 6 16 GB variant starting at under $500. You can get an iPhone 6 with carrier at $399 which will be a locked phone. But if you are willing to put in your own carrier, then you just have to pay $499 for an unlocked iPhone 6.


Ebay is probably the most famous buying option in the United States right now and why wouldn’t it be? Ebay is a great place to buy electronics from and you can never find a better deal on iPhone 6 than what it is on Ebay. Prices for iPhone 6 16 GB variant starts from 460 dollars on Ebay, which is pretty low when compared to the competitors. You cannot find the unlocked iPhone 6 at this price anywhere else on this planet. But, beware of the fake sellers which will just mint the money and would probably deliver a fake iPhone or an iPhone with less warranty.

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