G700 LED Flashlight: Separating Men from Boys

Have you ever wished to have a powerful tactical flashlight that is more than just a flashlight? A portable hand-held electric flashlight that can be used as a weapon in certain situations, as a light to save you in a cases of power loss or in the dark, or even save you your life? Who wouldn’t!

If you are wondering if that kind of a LED lighting tool exists among the other LED Flashlights on the market than you have come to the right place. Be pleased to meet the new military grade tool made for combat and to guide you in the darkest of times. It has a high performance features made only for the purposes of the US Army and NASA. The features make it one of the most powerful Tactical Flashlights in the world.

A New LED Chips

The new technology that has been used for this Tactical Flashlight to be converted in something amazing is surprising. It makes it rich with an incredible 700 lumens of power and this is the main reason why is being named G700 flashlight. The brand new concept integrated in the electric light makes it to be 7 times more powerful than all the other flashlights available on the market. With the help of the new revolutionary technology the old LED diodes are being replaced with new LED chips and it uses 4 watts of ultra-powerful lighting that can last even for 72 hours without ever being turned off. It is the first thing in particular that makes it to be special and much powerful than the others in the wide world.2

A Shape Box

Another great thing about the flashlight is that you can easily switch the shapes of the light. You can easily go from square to round shape and the other way round from round to square box. This can come really handy in a particular situation of lighting needs as well as in a regular situation like when you get bored from using only the one shape. This feature will be mostly interesting to your children.

Durable Lamp Life

The beauty of this portable light lies in the lamp glass because it makes it to be a quality source of light. It has an amazing 1200 hours of lamp life which is the exact feature that makes it one of the most durable glasses in the world which is actually due to the fact that it has a high end telescopic lamp glass. This feature is extremely handy in situations like power loss and they are very frequent in America. Sometimes there are cases where the power can be gone for hours then you will be in a desperate need of powerful lighting since you can’t stay for hours with a candle and most certainly not in dark. Once the light goes out you need to have the G700 close to you in order to make you feel safe until the power comes.

Made for Underwater Adventures

The waterproof body makes it perfect to use it out in the rain and underwater.  This feature is a must since it is made for the services of the US army. The soldiers need lighting when they are in the middle of a combat out in the rain or in actions underwater. There is another benefit as well. If you consider yourself a scuba-diver you can use it freely to see the underwater world since it can go up to 100 feet underwater. That is the time to use for a different kind of an adventure and another kind of beauty.

A Design Made For Self-Defense

The special crafted design makes it indestructible and strongly resistant to crashes. It is so strongly made that you can even run over it with your car and it will still work. Having a flashlight that won’t let you down is simply amazing. The design makes it suitable for combat which is quite understandable since it was used for the purposes of the military. It is made from material used for aircraft tools called aircraft aluminum. This material has only been used in the US army and NASA. The sharp tips that the flashlight has are made for when you need to neutralize an enemy.  

Lifesaving Focus Modes

According to my research, this is the thing that makes it the most powerful flashlight available on the market. I haven’t heard or read about a flashlight that has multiple focus modes until now. There is a mode which allows you to make an emergency SOS signal or blink multiple times. This one is a must and really useful in emergency situations. There is another mode for continuous light, and the third one is for a strobe light. The fourth focus mode is for producing a medium power and the fifth one is for a full power. Both of these modes have the ability to save battery power.

Battery Changing No More

With this feature you will always have your flashlight ready to use it in your actions. You don’t have to deal anymore with battery changing in the middle of your work. When you have the flashlight there are two options of powering it. The first one is to plug it on the charger via a USD flash drive and then wait for less than an hour for the batteries to be fully charged. The other way is to charge the batteries with the car adapter which comes with the package and lets you charge the electric light while you are in your car on your way to work or on your way to your trip.

You can go to theg700flashlight.com and read more about the G700 including customer reviews and pricing. The pricing is in fact the moment which confuses people because there are cheaper versions on Amazon. As mentioned above the thing is in the technology. Those versions use old LED concept which is quite important if you want to own a high-performance flashlight. If you visit the official website you can learn more on the blog as well.

For more info on prices, purchasing and reviews visit the official website here: https://www.theg700flashlight.com/