Epsilon Electronics’ Intake on Workplace Safety

When you are a successful company like Epsilon Electronics, maintaining that image for your clients is very important. The company Epsilon Electronics is a company that manufactures different electronics. The different types of electronics they manufacture are for car accessories and any audio and visual accessories. Epsilon Electronics is well known in the Los Angeles, CA area and are a very popular brand in the eyes of the consumer. Many customers will buy their various products such as any car accessory you can think of, from speakers to built in touch screen headrests to DJ equipment, concert lighting and different speakers. As a successful company, it is important for Epsilon Electronics to maintain this image therefore they always incorporate rules on their workplace safety. Employees must follow these rules otherwise will get one warning, then if they don’t follow them again they will get kicked out during the manufacturing process and in the store when moving the heavy merchandise.

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Since Epsilon Electronics manufactures different electronics for homeowners and car owners, it is important to establish rules in the workplace in order to have a safe environment for the employees that work hard everyday to produce the products needed. It is important to always work towards preventing any accidents in the workplace. The company has established certain laws that they must follow such as having the machinery be properly guarded, poisonous and hazardous materials need to be marked as such and also have certain halls have lighting in the building where Epsilon Electronics is manufacturing their products. These rules also apply for Epsilon Electronics’ store itself. If they have certain cleaning products or a backroom with a little hall used as storage, the room needs to have proper lighting in order to prevent any accidents from occurring. If an employee trips or falls due to their surroundings and gets hurt at work then there are a bunch of steps that need to be taken such as filling out forms and taking any further actions depending on the injury. The law that needs to be respected is the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (1970) that enforces safety in the workplace and must be respected at all times.

When a company takes into consideration all of the rules in order to have a safe environment for them and their workers like Epsilon Electronics has, then it’ll be an easier and more comfortable environment to work in.