Elmedia Player – free movie player for Mac

Review of updated Mac movie player

Elmedia Player has been around for a while and every next version brings something new. Since last version the app has stepped up to become Elmedia Player 6.1 and even though it was not a major transformation update it definitely introduced some features that every user will want and some that are more unique and not for everyone. Now PRO version purchase will let you download videos from YouTube. For some this can make Elmedia best movie player for Mac.

Developers want Elmedia Player to be an all-in-one app that will play just any video you add to it, whereas iTunes often limits the types of videos it can screen.

A really convenient to use for those who wonder how to watch movies on Mac – Elmedia lets you simply drag a video onto its icon to play. There are multiple options to fit your video perfectly onto your screen and even though we did have an issue of widescreen videos not always displayed correctly, we were always able to fix it in the settings pretty quickly.

With new version Elmedia Player introduces sound and video playback improvements in case video has some issues, and it plays nicely and smoothly indeed. Hardware acceleration is the key feature amongst new additions. Now Elmedia is able to use your Mac’s resources to play HD videos up to perfection.

For those with many monitors it is now possible to set one monitor as default with videos fitting into it nicely. Elmedia also offers the possibility to set defaults for subtitles, sounds, and external sound systems. This all is accessible through Preferences, which may be somewhat tricky for a casual user.

We bumped into some confusion when starting the player, it looks like there is a video ready to start, but there is not. It is rather a log with controls under it and when you press Play, the app will offer you to either resume or restart the video that was played last.

When you upgrade to PRO version you can also download videos from the web. Even though Elmedia is a really good player it seems like downloading was the main thing we all used. We ended up saving everything from everywhere and sending videos to our iPads or into iTunes to watch them later. Also you can save streaming videos with this application.


We’d suggest that Elmedia once in PRO version would start with video search and download controls rather than figuring out where the Download button could be (it is the permanent part of playback controls).

Downloading a video on Mac from Internet requires some knowledge and at least a bit of experience even with such tool as Elmedia Player PRO. When you insert the address into player you’ll see the vast list of similar looking videos with the possibility to download one or all. Not sure why Download All is needed, but we assume it is when you need to archive a page. To choose what video actually to download you need to know what parameters you are looking for. Looking for a larger sized video worked for us.

Not a trivial point: Elmedia Player is not for downloading files you don’t own. What we liked though is that the app finally recognizes that there are cases when you do have the rights and Elmedia is a handy option to download your materials. Older versions didn’t let you get videos from YouTube, so as new Elmedia lets you download YouTube videos it can be a good reason for upgrade.

Version requirements: OS X 10.7 or later. Elmedia Player is a free app with PRO version available for $20 that will let you download various videos and gives access to other additional options.

You can download movie player for Mac from developer’s website.