Drone cameras – unmanned aerial vehicle

An unmanned aerial vehicle is used for purposes such as capturing the images and videos of any particular place. It is either controlled by self or a remote sensing device. A Drone camera is is fitted in the body of the drone and is operated through the user for taking out images for any purpose whether related to defence security or civil purposes.

A drone is equipped with a technology where it can be autonomous and functions by capitalizing on its altitude using its sensors onboard. The unmanned vehicle is programmed to cover certain areas and return to its base position and in case of any signal failure it will land automatically at the place where signal has been lost.


Significance of unmanned aerial vehicle

A drone is of paramount significance to people of all strata and can have following advantages-

  • It is helpful in taking out research by providing images of any particular area which is subjected to crop failure or any kind of epidemic.
  • It is highly used in military operations to carry out safety and security operations.

Current market for unmanned vehicles

As of now the unmanned vehicles are widely used for military purposes by countries around the world and the use by civil authorities is less in comparison to use by defence purpose. The application of drones for defence purposes is still largely dominated by most experienced players in this category, the United Stated of America and Israel and as of now they approximately cover 65 percent market share of unmanned aerial vehicles used for military purposes.

The drone technology is still to be used by many countries for defence purposes and it is about time that they start thinking about the benefits which they provide in military operation and in serving the civil needs of any country.