How to Download Quicktime Alternative Player Mac?

So, you own a Mac, but are finding it difficult to download quick time alternative player. Well, there is always an option, when you look for it. In this article we will read how to download quick time alternative player Mac. Now, it won’t be fair to say that the Mac OS X does not come with several software.

In fact, it has plenty of it. However, there are problems and issues when you make use of those apps. They either do now download the files for you or are very complicated to use. When you want to do things immediately, then you will the going tough. The quick time player is a digital media editing and playback app.

The app can easily help you to stream media from the Internet and help you play local media files. It also offers you with flexible file format playback, multimedia platform, media streaming, viewing of images, etc. Users will find it extremely limited in terms of built-in features and supported codec’s.2

This is the main reason why they want to make use of quick time player alternative.

Elmedia player – alternative to quick time for Mac

The Elmedia player can help you play some audio formats and customize subtitles you might have. You would be amazed to know that few features which have been abandoned by Mac for some reason are present in this tool which includes:

  • The ability to adjust saturation, brightness, sharpness, contrast, and noise
  • You can now adjust the image layout
  • You can improve the sound using built-in presets that come with 10-band graphic equalizer

It is not just an alternative to QuickTime, as it comes with own hardware acceleration which enables you to view quick playback of HD videos. Apart from that, you can rotate, flip, mirror, and change aspect ratio without the need to skip a frame.

The tool offers you with several important features including:

  • You can now download videos that are of external resources which are normally required by SWF animations and RTMP streams
  • You can download videos from Vimeo, YouTube, Face book, Daily motion, and extract soundtracks in MP3 format for those videos
  • You can make a screenshot using the Control-Command-S keyboard shortcut and make full set of images out of your video
  • You can also adjust audio settings according to your requirements

It is an excellent AirPlay Sender and Receiver. You can easily stream videos and music files from the tool to AirPlay devices.

As you can see, it is an extremely useful tool which can help download alternative player Mac.