Cost-Effective Ways to Promote Content

Creating and promoting content is one of the most important aspects of a modern-day online promotional strategy. Without content, you lose an edge over your competitors to create brand awareness and increase name recognition online. However, for most new businesses and start-ups, promoting content is a challenge, mostly because of expenses. While advertising online is cheap overall in comparison to traditional print advertising, there are some online promotional strategies that are cheaper than others. Here are some of those cost-effective tactics your business can adopt to promote online content:

Incentivise Users to Share Your Content

If you really don’t want to share your own content on social media, then let your followers share it instead. Basically, you provide incentives to your customers to share your content on various social media platforms in return for a reward. For example, a digital marketing UAE company may offer users bonus points in a rewards program for re-tweeting certain posts. Those who collect enough points can receive a cool prize, like an Apple iPod for example. Likewise, you can create a rewards program for your clients with increased social media presence in mind.

Share Content on Facebook

This may sound obvious, but most businesses, excluding media ones, refrain from sharing their own posts on their official Facebook profile fearing that the self-promotional tactic may seem obvious. Well, Facebook profiles exist to allow users to share what they want online. Sharing on Facebook is a good way to get your content directly to people who follows your business. Therefore, do not overlook this simple tactic.


Guest Blogging

You online content will be most visible if you share them on a website that attracts high amounts of traffic. Therefore, instead of spending money posting your content on as many low-key websites as you can, try to guest post your articles on one or two highly popular blogs. Seek quality over quantity. For example, you can get better returns for your money by spending a hundred bucks to have an article of yours appear on Huffington Post, rather than spending the same amount of money to promote your article on dozens of smaller sites.

Free Giveaways

The best online content you can get for your business is the content generated by the users themselves. These articles and blog posts have more credibility, and web users are more likely to share these than ones posted by the company itself. So, arrange to give away samples of your products or services for free, and ask users to post honest reviews on their blogs or other sites in return. Free giveaways in general attract a lot of attention. Not only will you get a lot of user-generated online coverage, you will also get a chance to promote your brand with the giveaway itself.

Swap Links

Creating a solid arsenal of quality backlinks for your content is essential for improving their search rankings. Now, rule number one of getting good backlinks is never paying for them. Black hat backlinks such as this are penalised by upgraded search algorithms. Therefore, team up with other sites that may share the same target customer base as your business, and create links for each other’s content. You will save money, get good backlinks and improve search rankings at the same time.

Next time your SEOpromotional strategy is strapped for cash, try one of the above suggestions to make your online content more visible.