Why a Consistent Direction for Graphic Design is Crucial to Branding

Graphic design is one of those areas that many businesses (especially startups) often feel can be handled piecemeal and on an ‘as needed’ basis. In other words a startup could very well hire one graphic designer to design a company logo and then several weeks on hire a different graphic designer for the layout of their website, and so on.

While this approach may seem efficient at first as the business is only looking for a graphic designer and investing in materials that it needs as the time that it needs them, it also means that the direction used in the graphic design is likely to be inconsistent. In the long run that could actually reduce its effectiveness, and maybe even increase its cost.

Graphic Design is Crucial to Branding

Risk of Inconsistent Brand Identity

One of the main reasons why graphic design is so important to businesses is the fact that it is an integral part of their brand identity. Having a piecemeal approach without a consistent direction can often dilute that, as each individual design will have different characteristics. A good graphic designer will be able to take into account the direction of any previous material and design to ‘fit’ it – but that will require extra work on their part and often cost more.

It is worth noting that the overall effect of any design is more than just the sum of its parts. Many of the elements that businesses require as part of their branding are often used multiple times over in conjunction with one another (such as the logo, layout, color palette, and so on). Once these elements don’t fit, fixing it will mean having to alter designs that are already part and parcel of your brand – which is never a good idea.

Developing a Brand Identity from the Onset

On the other hand if a business had a consistent direction from the start or hired one graphic designer to come up with all their branding materials – it wouldn’t have such inconsistencies. It may mean a larger initial lay-out, but it will reduce the risk of having to perform double work later on or end up with several different designs that don’t jive with one another.

With an experienced graphic designer handling every aspect of your branding, you can ensure that every aspect of it fits with the overall look, feel and image that your business is trying to project. That is a priceless asset for any company, regardless of how big or small it may be – and is the crux of the reason why you should definitely make sure your graphic design is consistent in its direction right from the very beginning.