Cloud IAM for Retailers,Financiers and Universities- See What expert says!

As we all are aware that no industry has left untouched from the giant of identity as a service(IDaaS) today. Customer identity and access management is expanding into every industry and continuously proving its worth all over the digital market. Here in this article we will see how our retail, finance and academia industries are glaring with the inclusion of cloud for satisfying their customer Identity management needs.

IDaaS in user self service:

Online retail to customers, Universities to students or even retail banking to account holders, No matter what industry is, one can easily visualize B2C scenarios there. These industries have unlimited user base and user management in such industries can easily become burdensome especially when they are relied upon traditional identity management systems.


The problem with this traditional tool is that it is efficient enough to manage employee id’s only but when it comes to handle a huge customer base it doesn’t fit there. To manage this rapidly changing customer database a flexible and scalable solution is needed and modern cloud based customer identity management platform serves as the solution here.

There is one more problem with these on-premises tools that these internally focused IAM systems are short on self-service which means that they need manual approval for workflow and implementation of changes. And automation of these things takes time and money. Moreover one can not predict customer’s choice on the use of device. Millions of users have millions of devices to use so you can see it’s highly unpredictable. But with cloud identity management it is not that much cumbersome as automation and self-service are ready to use there.

Expert Tip: Judge wisely!

Not every cloud IAM is suitable to use so be very clever when you are picking up your choice. Select the one that has self-service tools and support multiple languages , user population on registrations, Password Resets, Profile management, access requests and approvals and other such things.

Choose a cIAM system that has a simplified federation feature. Retailers, educators and banks also are looking for a cIAM solution that can make them able to rapidly associate with other identity providers as well. Customers find this feature very preferable as with this feature they are able to login with their existing credentials or even with their social identities such as Google or Facebook ID’s.

Expert Tip: Don’t be a System Integrator!

In this huge space of IDaaS there are vendors who are offering only Single Sign-On with some other shallow IAM features in the name of best cIAM solution. But then what is the definition of being best?

The best or I can say the most efficient cIAM solution is the one which has usage flexibility. For example if we consider a retail industry then it’s customer identity management system should be scalable enough that it can manage thousands of customers in peak season sells without adding extra resources.

Expert Tip: An On/Off switch is key!

Your prefered IAM solution should be in such a way that it can easily switch to premium IAM solution with just one-click ON/off functionality. With this feature you will be able to answer immediately to profit-driven business requests and can expand organizationally without even adding extra costs.

Cloud-based client self-service, identity federation and on-interest IAM components are just a couple of ways organizations in the retail,education, mechanical, human services and financial businesses can profit by IDaaS.