In China, Going Mobile Is a New Challenge for Brands

Since smartphones came into being, the digital world saw a massive shift. User habits also changed drastically. Smartphones have changed how people search for and purchase things online. There is hardly any business right now that doesn’t have a mobile optimized website along with the normal computer based website. In China companies are trying to do the same but some brands are finding it hard to make the transition and build a effective marketing strategy that is targeted towards mobile users.


When you hire a Digital Marketing Agency in Shanghai China to develop a mobile based marketing plan, the top priority should be persistence. Users spend more hours interacting with their mobiles than they ever did with their computers or laptops. So, your marketing campaign should be persistent without being outright annoying. Maintaining this balance is important; you are trying to attract their attention, not make them hate you.

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A Digital Marketing Agency in Shanghai China can now customize your ads to match the requirements and browsing habits of mobile users. For example, if a customer has searched for a certain service recently and your company provides that service, then a strategic ad appearing on their mobile can let them know that you offer the service they are looking for; so, that when they finally make up their mind about using that service, your company would be foremost in their mind.

Create a relationship

Creating relationships with past, present and future users is always good for business. Mobile marketing gives you the opportunity to build meaningful relationships in a most unprecedented way. If you are not making use of that opportunity to spread awareness about your brand then you are missing out on a very large chunk of potential customers.