Cell Phone Radiation: A Case Can Protect You

Cell phones and the effects they have on your health have become a large topic. Some feel that they do not emit enough radiation to do any damage, while others say that they produce a substantial amount since the evolution of the cell phone. Cell phone does produce radiation which can be harmful to the body. Especially because they are held right against the face in order to talk. Also, cell phones have become a real staple in people’s lives as they do any number of things on them. Many wonder how they can protect themselves from this and there are definitely ways to do this. With the help of cell phone radiation products, your cell phone will no longer pose a problem to your health.

How a Cell Phone Works

Cell phones using microwave frequencies to communicate with towers in the area it is in. This is how calls are able to come through your phone so you may answer. A cell phone emits two types of radiation as well. The first is called Extremely Low Frequency (ELF) and is produced by the phone’s internal components. The second is called the Radio Frequency (RF) which is what was talked about earlier, where the phone gets the signal from the towers around it. When you are on the phone, the radiation is dispersed throughout the whole device which will likely go straight to your head. This is because the human body absorbs radiation quickly and easily. This can cause a real problem because prolonged exposure to radiation can cause health problems and since people use their cell phones more than any other device, prolonged exposure is obvious. There are several ways to protect yourself from this radiation.


Cell Phone Radiation Protection

To help reduce the exposure to radiation emitted from a cell phone, you should never carry it in your pocket. Also, if you are talking on the phone, try to use speakerphone or a headset to avoid having to hold the phone against your face. When the battery on your phone is low, it has to work harder and will produce more radiation. This is why it is important to keep your phone charged before using it. There are also cases available to help protect you from the harmful radiation your phone produces. These phone cases will redirect and redistribute the radiation so that it flows away from the body. While it will not remove the problem, it will substantially minimize the effects it has on the body. There will still be some radiation, however it will be minimal compared to using your phone without the case.

A cell phone can pose many risks to your health, especially if it is a newer, Smartphone. They can perform a lot of tasks, but this also means that they will produce a lot more radiation. Some people cannot help but to use their phones regularly, or even often, so they may consider investing in a cell phone radiation case to help protect themselves from the posed risk in using it so often.