Building business web site

Good business web site is a must-have for big and small businesses. If you provide online services or sell products online, having a web site is obligatory and obvious. But even if you do not sell anything, your web site will be as an addition to your business card as it is a complete reflection of your business.

Why is it important to have business web site?

  1. Your web site is the reflection of your business. It is a business card that tells who you are and what you do. When a potential customer visits your site, his/her impression is built based on what he/she sees on your web site. It must look professional and user-friendly at the same time.
  2. The Internet is a great tool. Along with your web site it can help you generate extra clientele. Just think – your web site is accessible and visible all over the world. Create it in several languages and you will be able to attract international audience.
  3. Web site can also generate media interest. Imagine that a journalist is looking for a quotation of a specialist in your industry. Do you really think she will quote someone, whose web site looks unprofessional? As a matter of fact, mentioning your name in the media can only strengthen your image. Take your web site as a serious investment in the image of your business.2

Web site development

Creating a good business web site is an easy task, which, however, requires some time and money. You have several options: if you are experienced enough, you can create a web site yourself; you can ask a friend, or you can hire a company, which specializes on web development. If you prefer to save your time in order to be able to focus on more important tasks but you want to get the job done in time, youshould hire a web development specialist. When looking for a company providing corresponding IT solutions, it is worth considering offshore companies providing outsourcing services. Offshore companies of CEE region provide excellent quality services at much lower rates. In fact, a great number of American and European companies prefer to use outsourcing IT services of Ukrainian companies. One of the leaders of web development services on the market is The company has a team of professionals with experience in custom software development, IT management, support and consulting.

Overseas outsourcing not only saves your time dramatically but also your finances. Overseas outsourcing is usually cheaper due to wage difference. High quality services provided by CEE region companies from Ukraine and Russia are much cheaper that services of local companies.

Once you have decided to outsource web development, you need to find a reliable company with good and solid reputation. As a matter of fact, it will not be difficult as acknowledged companies are already well known on the market.