Here comes a brief list of some of the awesome and new features of ios 10 which will come as an upgrade to all iphone including new iphone 7 in coming days.

  1. Raise To Wake

Simply get your telephone to see the lockscreen.

  1. Intuitive Notifications

Other than the way that warnings now look like cards with verging on obscure white foundation (much better for decipherability), they’re additionally intuitive. 3D Touch (long press for more seasoned gadgets) on a warning and you’ll see a sneak peak alongside some moves you can make.

On the off chance that the application underpins it, the sneak peak can be rich – like following a Uber auto and the activities can be for rapidly filing an email.

In the event that it’s a message, you’ll have the capacity to answer from in that spot and even proceed with the discussion without leaving the lockscreen.

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  1. Gadgets On The Left

The left screen is currently loaded with gadgets. There are a numerous new first gathering gadgets like for Weather, contacts, Music, and the sky is the limit from there. In addition, all your outsider gadgets will likewise appear here.

Gadgets are additionally expandable. You can see the data without opening the telephone however to really connect with anything will require Touch ID confirmation.

  1. Camera on The Right

Camera now opens utilizing a left swipe.

  1. Press Home To Unlock

Rather than Slide to Unlock, you now press the home catch to open the telephone. Touch ID clients are as of now used to this signal.

  1. Gadgets in 3D Touch Quick Actions

When you 3D Touch an application symbol, it can now demonstrate to you a gadget also. To begin with gathering applications like Phone, Weather, Music, and all the more as of now have gadgets. Outsider applications can likewise incorporate gadgets in the Quick Actions menu.

You can rapidly add this gadget to one side screen utilizing the “Include gadget” catch.

  1. Gadgets on the left

Proactive screen – the left most screen on the home screen has been supplanted by the gadgets screen. They’ve been expelled from the Notification Center – more on that a bit.

This is precisely the same you found in the lockscreen. You can look to the base to tap the “Alter” catch a rework the gadgets.

  1. Intuitive Notifications

Much the same as the notice cards on the lockscreen, the notices from the Notification Center are additionally intelligent. 3D Touch on a warning to view all the accessible activities.

  1. Gadgets in Notification Center – Kinda

This is a major peculiar yet the gadgets screen will appear in the Notification Center just in case you’re in an application. In case you’re in an application, swipe down and after that swipe to one side to see the gadgets.

In case you’re on the home screen, the gadgets won’t be in the Notification Center. They’ll be in the left most screen.

I hope you liked our list of some of the awesome features of ios 10 ,let us know your views about ios 10 and weather you are planning to gift new iphone 7 with ios 10 to veterans on happy veterans day on 11 november 2016 in comment section below