Atom Long Board Service

Atom long boardsis a companybased out of coloradothatmakeslongboards, and longboardinggear. They have a greatselection of brands, from pin-tails, to all-terrain boards. The design of the boards range greatly, fromsimplistic designs, such as a dark green with “racingstripes,” to a more complextiki design. The companyitselfwaslaunched in 2005, but don’t let the yougage of the companyfoolyou, theirwebsite carries everythingyouneedfromboards, to wheels, even an Atomlongboards T-shirt!

Personally, my favorite boardis the 49″ pin-tail SC longboard, whichcanbefound on their site. If youalready have a board, but need new wheels, they have youcovered. Theycurrently have two all-terrain wheels, both in black, and green, Also, they have regularwheels in orange. If youneed grip tape, bushings, or bearings, youcanfindthem on their site also.


Theseboards are not onlyreliable, but they are also not to common, soyouwon’t have to worry about running into a hundred people who have the sameboard as you. That cangetannoying. Everybodyhateswhen a board breaks just in the first couple of months, but youwon’t have to worry about thatwiththeseguys. Theirboards are made with care, givingyou a smooth, reliable ride youwillenjoy for years. Plus the beauty, unbeatable. This companyisdefinitelysomething to keep an eye on, becauseyou are going to behearing about them more and more as time goes on. Hatestaying on walikingpaths and sidewalks? Get one of the all-terrain boards, and go wherever, bombwhateverhillyouwant, whetherit’s on the nextstreet over fromyour house, or 3 miles in the middle of the woodswherethatcreepyrandomcement structure is. Thoseboards go wherevertheywant, as long as its rider can kick, thatis. And of course they look awesome!

If you have questions, youcanfindthem on Facebook, Instagram,andYoutube. Theyalso have a Phone numberlisted at the top right corner of the website. Plus, whodoesn’tlike an American brand? Everybodylikes a qualityboard, as opposed to the plastic pintail Nana gotyou for holidays.If youwant to buythisfantastic brand check the atom longboards reviews.

Theyalso have a video/Photo section on their site, soyoucan check out the newestmerchandise, as soon as it releases. This isdefinitely a cool brand, thatisgoing to go farther and farther. The boards are great, the designs are spectacular, and the supplyissteady, no waiting for 3-4 Months for your package withtheseguys. Stuckwith a tightwallet? Check out the garage sale section of the website, and than a companythatactually rides, people thatactually know whatit’slike to buy a new board online and bedisapointedwhenit arrives.

This buddingcompanyis a total 10/10, if youhaven’ttried one of theirproductsyet, youneed to. The longer youwait, the more you’ll regret waiting.