ASO Key Point: App Screenshots and How Should It Be?

Screenshots must not be exclusively screenshots of the app, you can also use other, promotional pictures. Also, text and other graphic elements can, as the example of “Runtastic” app in the Apple App Store shows integrated to enhance features represented visually and explain. For optimal viewing the screenshots should reflect the “story” of the app, by the Sceenshots building are mapped to each other. This raises not only the user interest, the user can the app and app flow thereby also additionally

The Apple App Store and Google’s Play Store use almost the same ranking-relevant on-metadata. The only difference lies in the additional keyword box, which is provided by Apple’s App Store. Also a strong description in the Play Store can score, but here the same applies as in the Web: Who operates keyword stuffing, risks to be assessed negatively in the

Off metadata are not directly influenced, unlike the on-metadata. Reviews, opinions of users, backlinks and social signal of stores, as well as downloads and installations are among the external factors. They are also crucial for the visibility and the ranking in app stores.

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