ASO Key Point: App Reviews and How Should It Be?

Reviews belonging to each app and users rate popular and frequently. This user-generated reviews are directly linked to the algorithm the app store search. The quality and number play an important role. Users actively ask to evaluate Apps, therefore is an effective way to collect many reviews and perhaps some additional reviews.

Reviews are comments from users about their experience with an app. At best, they are – as the reviews – positive and the app is recommended or shared on social networks. Just as users can be invited to review active, it is also possible to ask them to write down their experiences. Reviews Reviews can increase the conversion rate and from app page views are

Caution is advised in the use of automatic translations into other languages. Often, the programs do not translate correctly. This may adversely affect the meaning and the flow of the text. The same also applies to the app description texts.

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ASO Key Point: SEO, Social is useful for ranking on App Stores? – 5th Mar 2016 –

Social signal In Play Goals of Google, the app can be recommended directly to Google+. In iTunes App Store only the App Store can be evaluated in itself and recommended the app but not:

Link Building The Link building is for ASO also important. As backlinks for apps and social signal be evaluated in addition to traditional links of app portals on the App Page. In view of the link building can be said that incoming links to the app in the Play Store Page relevant to the apps. Google uses here at its PageRank algorithms that are also used in the search results ranking and thus has an advantage over Apple.

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