Affiliate Tips from an Affiliate Network CEO

Tell me a bit about yourself and what you do?

My name is Matt and I’m the MD of WOW Media, a multidisciplinary marketing agency who specialise in Affiliate Marketing. In 2007 I set the company up and since then, it’s grown from strength to strength. Currently there are six dedicated WOW sites; they include WOWTRK (our CPL Affiliate Network), our voucher code site, our freebie site and a variety of other projects.

How did you first get into the industry?

I started in the industry when I was extremely young. At 12 I was selling sweets in the school playground. When I made my first £20 I decided to invest in my first website and never looked back. That was a cash back website that later traded under the name ‘British Rewards’. Our users would complete offers and as a result, earn money back inside their user accounts. This familiarised me with affiliate marketing at a time when it was still a relatively unknown concept.

What exactly is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing refers to a marketing method where an individual or business will promote a product on behalf of a merchant (advertiser) and receive a commission when doing so successfully. Affiliate Marketing enables an advertiser to reach a much wider customer base, with many affiliates using different promotional methods.

An Affiliate Network is the platform that connects advertisers with affiliates and tracks their performance. If a WOWTRK affiliate generates a lead or is responsible for making a sale, the action is instantly shown in their account. When the advertiser confirms the quality of the lead, they are awarded a commission.

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What is the best feature of Affiliate Marketing?

Many of our affiliates hold a regular 9-5 job and make a second income from their existing blogs or websites. Others have made affiliate marketing the centrepiece around their entire Online business. Affiliate Marketing appeals because of that flexibility, affiliates can work as little or as often as they like and even run their business while traveling or working remotely. Many stay at home mums have become successful in the affiliate marketing game, working to their own schedule.

What has been the biggest challenge you have faced in business?

The biggest challenge has been growing the business without any financial support. Starting at such a young age, I didn’t have any income to invest into projects and in the early dates, I had to reinvest every penny that I made back into the business. I had to be extremely disciplined to turn nothing into something.

How do you stand out against the competition?

At WOWTRK, we have introduced many unique tools which set us apart from other affiliate networks and enable us to focus on generating quality leads. Our fraud detection platform WOWDETECT enables us to increase ROI for all of our advertisers.

In addition, we offer a range of tools to help our Affiliates. Our WordPress plugin for example enables affiliates with a WP site to start promoting offers instantly.

How do you approach business?

Relationships are the key to our success in business. Relationships with business partners, merchants and affiliates are paramount for WOW. With good communication, collaboration and a common goal; great relationships can be built.

How can an Affiliate make money?

There are many different methods that affiliates can use to generate leads and sales. If you’re a strong sales person, you could consider a ‘CPS’ or cost per sale offer to promote. Alternatively, you can make money generating leads with ‘CPL’ or cost per lead offers.

WOWTRK is a CPL Network first and foremost, which means that most of our affiliates thrive on lead generation. This is great news for many affiliates, who are able to make money without ever having to close a deal.

In terms of offer promotion, this varies massively from person to person. Some affiliates use website traffic, while others generate visitors from Social Networks or even Pay Per Click Advertising. The key thing to recognise is that anyone who has access to an audience online can make money as an Affiliate.

What is the most common mistake made by Affiliates?

Many new affiliates try to promote offers in industries that they aren’t familiar with or are unrelated to their audience. Generally, if you have an online audience in a specific niche then that audience are unlikely to be interested in completely unrelated offers.

As an affiliate, you should be building targeted audiences, segmenting your Emails and keeping offers related to the specific taste of your audience.

What’s your first tip for a new Affiliate?

I would say understanding offers that you’re going to promote. If you haven’t researched a product, you’re not going to be able to pre-sell it effectively to your audience. Take time to understand all of the offers you choose to promote and always keep your digital skills up to date.

Is Affiliate Marketing a real, long term business opportunity?

Affiliate Marketing has been around for a long time now and isn’t going to disappear anytime soon. For merchants, it can completely transform their entire marketing strategy and so long as affiliates can keep thinking of innovative ways to drive targeted visitors to offers, there will always be money to be made.